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Number TitleTopic
Date Modified
EEE-000044Green June Beetle: Biology, Damage and Controljune beetles
EEE-00046Plaster BeetlesPlaster Beetles
ENT-1019Geckos in HomesGeckos
EEE-00042Professional Landscape Management Recommendations for Control of Chilli ThripsLandscape chilli thrips control

Genista Caterpillar on Texas Mountain LaurelTrees, shrubs
E-485Common Insect and Mite Pests of HumansHuman health

Common Turfgrass InsectsTurfgrass

EEE-00040Velvet AntsAnts
EEE-00041Chilli Thrips: A New Pest in the Home LandscapeChilli Thrips

EEE-00039Mole Crickets Damaging to Turfgrass in TexasTurfgrass
Insect Pests of ConifersChristmas Trees, Pines
E-359Cockroaches … Recognition and ControlRoaches

EEE-00038The Cycad Aulacaspis Scale, a Pest of Sago Palms in Texascycad scale
EEE-00033Preventing West Nile Virus Infection in HorsesWest Nile Virus
EEE-00028Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Management for Texas Nurseries Shipping to Arizona, California, and OregonGlassy-winged Sharpshooters


EEE-00003Forensic EntomologyForensic
EEE-00004Crime Scene InvestigationForensic
EEE-00037Crane FliesCrane flies
EEE-00031Suppressing House Fly Populations in Homes and Retail StoresHouse flies
EEE-00021Cuban Laurel Thrips Control In Interior PlantscapesThrips
EEE-00024Applying Systemic Soil and Foliar Spray Insecticides to Control Florida Wax Scale on HolliesScales
EEE-00023Florida Wax Scales: A Major Pest of Hollies and Other Landscape Shrubs and TreesScales

EEE-00026Snails and SlugsSnails

EEE-00027Managing the Flatheaded Appletree BorerTrees
EEE-00022Insect Pests of Crape Myrtles and Suggestions for Their ControlAphids
EEE-00030Biology and Management of Liriomyza Leafminers in Greenhouse Ornamental CropsLeafminers
EEE-00032Suppressing Blow Fly Populations in Homes and Retail StoresBlow flies
EEE-00029Insects in VegetablesVegetables
E-343Controlling the Pecan WeevilTrees

E-217Centipedes and MillipedesCentipedes, Millipedes


E-211White Grubs in Texas TurfgrassTurfgrass

EEE-00009Armyworms in Texas Pastures and LawnsCaterpillars
E-223Fall WebwormTrees, shrubs

EEE-00015Catfacing Insects on PeachesPeaches
EEE-00002Texas Blind SnakeSnakes
EEE-00001Black Soldier FlyFlies
EEE-00005Silverfish and FirebratsHousehold

EEE-00020Pine SawfliesWasps
EEE-00011Suppression of Arthropod Pests on Small Flocks of Domestic Fowl in TexasPoultry
EEE-00007Peach Twig BorerFruit
EEE-00006Water Wands: High Pressure Water Spray Devices for Insect and Mite ControlInsect Control
L-1828Paper Wasps, Yellowjackets and Solitary WaspsWasps


Texas Cotton Production: Emphasizing Integrated Pest Managementcotton
E-333Mosquito Control Around the HomeMosquitoes

B-6119Mosquitoes and the Diseases They TransmitMosquitoes

L-1742SPChinches DomesticasBed bugs

L-1742Bed BugsBed bugs

L-5399Lesser European Elm Bark BeetleTrees, shrubs

B-6094Field Guide to Pests and Beneficials in Texas Grain SorghumSorghum

L-5313Butterfly Gardening in TexasButterflies

B-6047Aphids in Texas LandscapesAphids

B-1501Managing Soybean InsectsSoybeans

EEE-00017Lesser Peachtree BorerPeaches
EEE-00013Peachtree BorerPeaches
B-6071Trichogramma WaspsWasps
EEE-00012Oriental Fruit MothPeaches
EEE-00014Plum CurculioOrchards
MP-1777Identifying and Managing Stalkborers on SugarcaneSugarcane
EEE-00018Scale Insects on Peaches and PlumsFruit
B-6068Managing Insects and Related Pests of RosesRoses

B-6050Pesticide Properties That Affect Water QualityWater

B-1511Pink Bollworm Management in TexasCotton

B-1721Cultural Control of the Boll Weevil, A Four Season ApproachCotton

L-5069Pepper Weevil and Its ManagementVegetables

EEE-00019Insects Associated with Woody Ornamental PlantsOrnamental
B-5096Reducing Herbicide Risks to Wildlife on RangelandWildlife

B-5094Pesticide Risks to Wildlife in CottonWildlife

B-5093Reducing Pesticide Risks to Wildlife in Small Grains and SorghumWildlife

B-5086Woodboring Insects in Trees and ShrubsTrees, shrubs

B-5024Producing Texas Fruits and Nuts OrganicallyOrganic
B-5044Biological Control of Insect Pests in WheatBiocontrol

ENT-1Asian Ambrosia BeetleTrees, shrubs

L-5067Biological Control of Musk ThistleBiocontrol

UC-006Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle on Leafy Greens in TexasVegetables
L-2329Texas Citrus Pest Management GuidelinesCitrus
B-933Identification, Biology and Sampling of Cotton InsectsCotton

L-1826Carpenter BeesBees

L-1829CankerwormsTrees, shrubs
MP-1315Mealy Oak Gall on Ornamental Live Oak in TexasTrees, shrubs
SP-187KIDzANTS Resource CDfire ants, CD

SP-198Insect Pest Management (CD)Insect Pest Management, CD

SP-163The Team Approach: Fighting Texas’ Fire Ants (DVD)fire ants, DVD

SP-246Florida Wax Scale Biology and ImpactShrubs

SP-247Insect AnatomyInsect Anatomy, CD

SP-292ABCs of IPM Training SeriesSchool IPM

SP-320Insecticide Modes of Action: The Insect Nervous System and the Actions of Neurotoxic Insecticides–Physioviva Flash TutorialInsecticide mode of action

L-5445KIDzANTS Fire Ant Curriculum for Youth: Matching Cards

SP-150Texas Imported Fire Ants (Images)fire ant images

E-443Larger Black Flour Beetle in Southern High Plains Homes

B-6142KIDzANTS Fire Ant Curriculum for Youth: Student Fun Bookfire ants, youth, fun book

ER-026SControlling Blow Flies (Spanish)

MKT-3560BISEC Promotional Poster: Are Pests Pestering you?ISEC poster

B-6141KIDzANTS Fire Ant Curriculum for Youth: Leader Guidefire ants, leader guide, youth training

B-6097Scale Insects on Ornamental PlantsScale insects

B-6140KIDzANTS Fire Ant Curriculum for Youth: Curriculum Kitfire ants, youth, kit

MKT-3560AISEC Recruitment Brochure: Are Pests Pestering You?ISEC Recruitment

L-5479Florida Wax Scales: Control Measures in Texas for HolliesOrnamental, shrub, scale

E-150STick Control (Spanish)Ticks

Citrus Center Orchard Pest Control ProgramCitrus Pest Management

ER-025Controlling House Fliesflies

GA-11712010 Southeastern Peach, Nectarine, and Plum Pest Managment and Culture GuidePeach and plum pests

E-346Honey Bees in and Around HomesBees, honey bees

E-341Field Guide to the Insects and Mites Associated with Pecans

E-350Hessian Fly in Texas Wheatwheat

E-570Managing External Parasites of Texas CattleTicks

SP-196Management of Imported Fire Ants in Cattle Production SystemsLivestock

Control of Rasberry Crazy Ants In and Around Homes and StructuresRasberry Carzy Ants

E-150Tick ControlTicks

UC-028Fungus Gnat ManagementFungus gnats
UC-019Black Flies or Buffalo GnatsHuman
E-208Protecting Cattle from Horn FliesFlies

E-212Suppression of Stable Flies on CattleFlies

E-224Using Parasitoids to Control House Flies in Confined Animal FacilitiesFlies

E-433Controlling FleasFleas

Pest Management Suggestions for Cycad Aulacaspis Scale in Nurseriescycad, scale

L-5308Butterflies of Texas (Reference Wheel)Butterflies

Kissing Bugs and Chagas DiseaseChagas disease

E-453Boxelder BugsTrees, Shrubs

E-454Pink Hibiscus Mealybug: A New Pest in TexasOrnamental

L-5474Cotton “Worms” I. D. GuideCotton

E-420Chinch Bugs in St. Augustine LawnsLawns, Turf

ER-025SControlling House Flies (Spanish)flies

Pest Management Suggestions for Cycad Aulacaspis Scale in Landscapescycad scale

ER-026Controlling Blow Fliesblow flies

B-6138The Common Ant Genera of TexasAnt Identification

E-397Gall-Making Insects and Mitesgalls

E-402Red Harvester Antsharvester ants

B-6183Managing Household Ant PestsAnts


B-1401Managing Insect and Mite Pests of Texas Forage CropsForages

E-419Using Oils As PesticidesPesticides

L-1315SLos Piojos HumanosLice

L-1315Human LiceLice


ENT-3001Entomology Resources & SuppliesEducation
ENT-1046Understanding Common House & Garden InsecticidesInsecticides
ENT-1042Bee MitesMites
ENT-1033Asps and Other Stinging CaterpillarsCaterpillars
ENT-1029Texas Leafcutting AntAnts
E-184Drain Flies (Moth Flies or Filter Flies)Flies

ENT-1018Conenose BugsConenose bugs
E-412Carpenter AntsAnts

ENT-1012Diagnosing Mysterious Bug BitesMedical
ENT-1011Horsehair WormsWorms
ENT-1006Commonly Asked Questions About Subterranean Termite ControlTermites
ENT-1005Choosing a Termite Treatment ChemicalTermites
E-206Oak Leaf Roller and Springtime Defoliation of Live Oak TreesTrees, shrubs

E-399Managing Insect and Mite Pests of Texas Small GrainsWheat

ENT-1025Biting Mites in HomesMites
L-5070Texas Two-Step Method: Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant ControlAnts, fire ants

UC-015Field Skipper, A Pest of BermudagrassTurfgrass
UC-012Scud, Beach Fleas and Sea RoachesCrustaceans
UC-002Cattle EgretsLivestock
MP-1718An Illustrated Guide to the Predaceous InsectsIPM

L-5444Biological Control of SaltcedarSaltcedar

E-195Lantana and Verbena: How to Control Insect and Mite PestsLantana, verbena

E-145Homeowner’s Guide to Pests of Peaches, Plums and PecansFruits, nuts

E-218Tent CaterpillarsTrees, shrubs

E-173Controlling the Pecan Nut CasebearerPecans

E-366Drywood TermitesTermites

L-5070STexas Two-Step Method: Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant Control (Spanish)Ants, fire ants

E-367Formosan Subterranean TermitesTermites

L-2333Common Cattle ParasitesCattle

L-1835Walnut CaterpillarPecans

L-1812Elm Leaf BeetleTrees,shrubs

E-369How to Select a Termite Control ServiceTermites

E-394Structure-Infesting Wood-Boring BeetlesBeetles

E-149SFlea Control (Spanish)Fleas

E-173SControlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer (Spanish)Pecans

B-975Insects Attacking Forage CropsCrops, forage crops
E-579Managing Insect Pests of Texas SunflowerSunflowers

E-400Managing Insect and Mite Pests of Texas CornCorn

E-215Managing Insect and Mite Pests of Commercial Pecans in TexasPecans

UC-025Management of Insects on HerbsHerbs
B-6043Managing Red Imported Fire Ants in Urban AreasUrban

E-194Managing Insect and Mite Pests in Vegetable GardensVegetables

E-209Grasshoppers and Their ControlGrasshoppers

E-185Predaceous Ground BeetlesBeetles

E-445Poultry Pest ManagementPoultry

E-368Subterranean TermitesTermites

MKT-5002Houston, We Have a Problem: Rasberry Crazy AntsAnts

SP-363Rasberry Crazy Ant – A New Exotic Species Invading TexasAnts

SP-186KIDzANTS Fire Ant ModelYouth education

L-5442KIDzANTS Fire Ant Curriculum for Youth: Poster SetYouth education

E-486Pantry and Fabric Pests in the HomeStored product

E-480BagwormsTrees, shrubs

B-6215Managing Insect Pests of Cacti and Other Succulents in Water Efficient LandscapesCactus, succulents

L-5496Fire Ant Control: The Two Step Method and Other ApproachesAnts

B-1220Managing Insect and Mite Pests of SorghumSorghum

E-6Managing Cotton Insects in the Trans Pecos, Rolling Plains and High PlainsCotton

E-149Flea ControlFleas

E-27Texas Poultry Pest Control PracticesPoultry

E-22Texas Crop Profile: Sweet PotatoesVegetables

E-21Texas Crop Profile: WatermelonVegetables

E-20Texas Crop Profile: SpinachVegetables

E-19Texas Crop Profile: PotatoesVegetables

E-18Texas Crop Profile: OnionsVegetables

E-7ASuggested Insecticides for Managing Cotton Insects in the LRGVCotton

E-357Predators, Parasites and Pathogens Attacking Insect and Mite Pests of CottonIPM

E-6ASuggested Insecticides for Managing Cotton Insects in the Trans Pecos, Rolling Plains and High PlainsCotton

E-26Integrated Pest Management of Flies in Texas DairiesFlies

E-5ASuggested Insecticides for Managing Cotton Insects in the Southern, Eastern and Blacklands of TexasCotton

E-5Managing Cotton Insects in the Southern, Eastern and Blackland AreasCotton

B-61312014 Rice Production GuidelinesRice

B-6118Texas Bites! Venomous Terrestrial Animals of TexasSnakes, scorpions

B-6110A Key to Common Caterpillar Pests of VegetablesVegetables

B-6109Aphids on Cruciferous Crops: Identification and ManagementVegetables

B-6099Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant ControlBaits

B-6089Insects, Mites and Mollusks of Nursery, Floral and Greenhouse CropsOrnamentals

L-1744SMosquito Control around the Home (Spanish)mosquitoes

E-7Managing Cotton Insects in the Lower Rio Grande ValleyCotton

EHT-049Crape Myrtle Bark Scale: A New Exotic PestOrnamentals PDF4/2/2014
E-399Managing Insect and Mite Pests
of Texas Small Grains
Small Grains PDF3/1/2012
Wheat PDF4/1993
ENTO-039Insecticide-Impregnated Ear Tags for CattleCattle

E-258Desert TermitesTermites PDF10/10
ENTO-035Sugarcane Aphid: A New Pest of SorghumAphids, Sugarcane, Sorghum

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