Entomology Student Learns Valuable Experience at Orkin Internship

Video courtesy of Orkin

150050_Colby_Shodrock.00_01_50_05.Still002For junior Entomology major Colby Shodrock his dream of working at a pest control company came true as he got to intern in Georgia for the Orkin Internship program during this summer.

Shodrock said he had heard about the internship when he saw a flier about the program that was posted on a bulletin board. He had always wanted to work for Orkin and wanted to see what it would be like working for the company.

Shodrock interned at the company’s call center in Covington, Georgia where he learned the day-to-day operations and how it serves the company’s customers and branch offices.

Shodrock said that the interns and corporate office workers did interact very well and that Rollins, the parent company of Orkin, had lots of fun activities during the time he was in the internship.

150050_Colby_Shodrock.00_00_52_04.Still001Some of the memorable moments he remembered was going to an Atlanta Braves game, as well as working with and meeting other interns and employees.

Shodrock said he learned many valuable skills during his internship, including adaptability, how to become a better communicator, and time management.

“These skills are very important when you are looking for an internship or a full time occupation,” he said. “I feel like I only got better at these during the summer and allowed me to be a little bit more marketable when it comes time to looking for a job after graduation.”

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