Entomology Students Part of Record Number of Graduating Aggies

cover-graduationCOLLEGE STATION—Several Entomology students celebrated the holiday season early as they were part of more than 4,000 students expected to graduate this fall during commencement ceremonies at Reed Arena on Friday, December 16.

The department had a total of 21 students, which included 6 undergraduate ENTO majors and 1 minor, 3 master’s students and 1 Ph.D. student that attended the 2pm ceremony with others in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. There also were 15 students that received the Certification in Public Health Entomology.

“We want to extend our congratulations to you and we wish you the very best,” said Associate Department Head for Academic Programs Dr. Pete Teel. “We are extremely proud of you guys.”

Teel also commended those that received their certificates in Public Health Entomology.

“We are most pleased to see students choosing and completing the Certificate in Public Health Entomology,” Teel said.  “This course work concentration is highly relevant to current issues and opportunities relating to vector-borne and other diseases caused directly or indirectly by mosquitoes, ticks, and many other arthropods.  We wish those who have completed this certificate the very best in their professional careers.”


Kyle Brundage Entomology
Robin Callahan Entomology
Luke Chambless Entomology
Jakalynne Gosnell Entomology
Amy Keiser Entomology
Evonna Dupree University Studies Veterinary Medicine, Entomology/Psychology double minor

Graduates – Master of Science

Kelly Beskin Entomology
Richelle Marquess Entomology
Danielle Restuccia Entomology


Jason Carbaugh Entomology

Public Health Entomology Certificate

Abigail Anzek Biomedical Science
Luke Chambless Entomology
Cassie Culver Biomedical Science
Katelyn Goodloe Biomedical Science
Jakalynne Gosnell Entomology
Jordan Harn Biomedical Science
Taylor Hood Biomedical Science
Amy Keiser Entomology
Avery Kester Biomedical Science
Celine Mejia Biomedical Science
David Montalvo Biomedical Science
Dylan Meadows Biomedical Science
Zach Reveal Biomedical Science
Alexander Statler Biomedical Science
Amy Zheng Biomedical Science

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