Janowiecki Receives Shripat Kamble Urban Entomology Graduate Student Award for Innovative Research

Mark Janowiecki. Photo by Rob Williams.

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Mark Janowiecki as he was named the 2017 recipient of the Shripat Kamble Urban Entomology Graduate Student Award for Innovative Research.

The award is given to a Ph.D. student that is currently conducting research which demonstrates innovative and realistic approaches to the field of Urban Entomology. Janowiecki received the award for his research in subterranean termite colony interactions.

Through lab and field studies, Janowiecki is currently researching subterranean termite biology and specifically how subterranean termite colonies interact with each other. He said he wants to have a better understanding on how the termites locate surrounding colonies and how they distinguish unique colonies and react to opposing colonies.

“Through my research, I hope to better understand the biology of subterranean termites,” Janowiecki said.  “Much of this basic biology is difficult to observe because termites have widespread, cryptic colonies.”

He said that the end result of his research could possibly be used to help control the termites.

“This research could be applied to termite control by manipulating cues that colonies use to avoid other colonies in an area,” Janowiecki said.  “If these cues are removed, competition may increase and eliminate colonies.”

Janowiecki will be presented with a cash award and a plaque during the Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE) networking business meeting held at the Entomological Society of America’s annual meeting this November in Denver, CO

He said the grant will be used to support the genetic analysis needed to complete his research.

“I am very honored to be recognized by this great award,” Janowiecki said.

“It’s a great honor for Mark to receive this prestigious research award from ESA. It shows the creativity and relevance of his cutting edge research. This, along with other awards he’s won, also recognizes his productivity and his potential to be rising star in urban entomology,” Janowiecki’s advisor Dr. Ed Vargo said. “We are very proud of Mark for being chosen as the recipient of the Shripat Kamble Urban Entomology Graduate Student Award for Innovative Research.”

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