Former Student and Current Ph.D. Student Team Up to Help with Harvey Relief Efforts in Dickinson Area

Xanthe Shirley and Tyler Raszick.

Xanthe Shirley and Tyler Raszick. Submitted photo.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas–The devastation from Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of people in the town of Dickinson without anything or very little in the aftermath. For former student Xanthe Shirley, it was a mission to help collect items for all those that were affected in the Dickinson area during Hurricane Harvey.

Some of the donated items included cleaning supplies, toiletries, baby wipes and diapers, and toiletries. Photo by Xanthe Shirley.

Shirley heard about the devastation that hit Dickinson and wanted to do something for those that were affected in her hometown by the flooding.

“Words can not express how heartbroken I was when I started to hear the news about my hometown,” Shirley said. “I felt helpless when I saw the news and read social media posts from friends and colleagues in that area about the incredibly devastating flooding in the community. That’s when Tyler and I decided that one way to help could be to bring down some items that were in need to help in the recovery during the aftermath of Harvey.”

During August 31-September 1, Shirley and Ph.D. student Tyler Raszick had set up locations both at her office in the TAMU Insect Collection and at the Biocontrol Center to collect such items as toiletries, clothes, school supplies, cleaning supplies, dog and cat food.

After collecting everything, Shirley and Raszick then traveled early Saturday morning where it was distributed to the people at the former Dickinson Junior High School, as well as to the pet shelters.

Shirley was very pleased with the turnout and the outpouring of help from everyone that donated.

“Our hearts are so full and grateful. My SUV was full when we left College Station Saturday morning to drop off donations in Dickinson,” she said. “The outpouring of support from the graduate students in the Entomology Department was incredible.”

Shirley was very grateful for everyone that donated and said the distribution of supplies went well after they delivered them on Saturday.

“We were able to drop off supplies to Dickinson ISD teachers, the Dickinson supply distribution center located at the former Junior High School, and the Dickinson animal shelter, Bayou Animal Services. We are so very thankful to all who helped in this venture!” Shirley said.

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