Grad Student Receives Top Award at American Bee Research Conference

Photo of Alex Payne in front of a mural. Photo by Rob Williams.

Alex Payne. Photo by Rob Williams

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Alex Payne for receiving the Student Paper Award for her presentation at the 2019 American Bee Research Conference in Tempe, Arizona.

Payne received the award  presentation titled “Spillover in eusocial insects: Detection of honey bee (Apis meliifera) associated viruses in ants.”

The award was given by the American Association of Professional Apiculturists to the best student papers at the conference at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Paper and presentation topics must include the genus Apis and are judged on the quality of the research of the paper and the presentation style.

“It’s always so much more daunting to present in front of experts in your specific field, but it payed off in the end!” Payne said. “Not only was I awarded one of the Student Paper Awards, but I also got great feedback and advice on how to improve my experimental design.”

“I am very proud of Alex,” Payne’s Ph.D. advisor Dr. Juliana Rangel said. “She continues to show that she is a great presenter and her research is interesting and catches the attention of the fellow scientists. I am really glad that she can share our research with the scientific community.”

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