Grad Student Receives Top Prize for Presentation at Ecological Integration Symposium

Crys Wright. Photo by Rob Williams.

Crys Wright. Photo by Rob Williams.

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Crys Wright on receiving first place for her talk at the Ecological Integration Symposium that was held at Rudder Tower on April 5-6.

Advised by Dr. Raul Medina, Wright tied with Raven Blakeway for first place in the Graduate Student Oral Presentation section. Wright’s presentation was titled “Fecundity Compensation: Possible in the Sugarcane Aphid?”

Medina was very proud of Wright and her award.

“I was thrilled, yet not surprised to learn Crys got first place for her EIS talk,” Medina said. “Crys is really good at generating interesting questions, designing the experiments to answer them and presenting her ideas to the public.”

Medina also added that Wright’s outstanding presentation style helped her to achieve the award.

Her clarity and creativity makes interacting with her a real pleasure. I am convinced Crys will be a leader in our field,” Medina said. “I am so glad others saw in her presentation what I see every time I hear her scientific ideas and insights.”

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