Grad Students Receive Top Awards at Graduate Student Forum

Winners of the Graduate Student Forum for 2019

The winners for the 22nd annual Graduate Student Forum. From left to right are: Zanthé Kotzé,-First Place, Pierre Lau – Second Place, and Xiaotian Tang – Third Place. Photo by Rob Williams.

Congratulations to three of our graduate students as they received awards during the 22nd annual Graduate Student Forum that was held on August 22 in Room 103.

Ph.D. candidate Zanthé Kotzé received first place for her presentation titled “Mechanisms regulating behavior of arthropods that consume vertebrate carrion: Deciphering succession as related to forensic entomology.”

Ph.D. student Pierre Lau received second place for his talk “Understanding honey bee foraging preferences and nutrient regulation to improve beekeeping pollen substitutes” while Ph.D. student Xiaotian Tang received third place for his presentation titled “Let’s talk about eating, by the way, it’s self-eating.”

The winners were three out of a total of 18 grad student that participated in this year’s forum. The event allows the Department’s graduate students to present their latest research and gives them an opportunity to practice for the upcoming competitions at the Entomological Society of America’s annual meeting that will be held in St. Louis, Mo., on November 17-20.


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