Grad Students Receive CIRTL Certificates for Teaching

Collage of students that received CIRTL awards.

2020 CIRTL certificate recipients. Top row (from left to right): Caixing Xiong, Dayvion Adams, Leah Buchman, and Ashley Tessnow.
Bottom row: Jeffrey Yung, Casey Flint, and Zachary Popkin-Hall

Congratulations to seven of the Department’s Ph.D. students as they received certificates from the Texas A&M Center of Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning this summer.

Jeffrey Yung and Dayvion Adams received CIRTL’s Academy of Future Faculty certificate. Some of the activities they did included engaging in a semester-long learning community either in the fall or spring, participating in weekly professional development workshops about college teaching, observe faculty teaching classes, as well as adding to their teaching portfolios.

Leah Buchman, Zachary Popkin-Hall and Ashley Tessnow were also named Graduate Teaching Consultants. Under supervision of the Center of Teaching Excellence, these students will serve as peer mentors to teaching assistants across campus and are available to conduct classroom observations upon request.

Casey Flint, Zachary Popkin-Hall, and Caixing Xiong received Massive Open Online Course and Local Learning Community certificates. Participants in the learning community learned several key learning principles such as the role of mental models in learning and the importance of feedback and practice, the fundamental course design elements, and teaching strategies for fostering active learning and inclusive classroom environments.

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