heep_center_small The Department of Entomology occupies 42,000 square feet of laboratory, office, and classroom space in the Heep Center, built in 1977. Additional office and research space is available in the 17,600-square-foot Entomology Research Laboratory and in the 14,400-square-foot Biological Control Facility. In addition to the state facilities at College Station, a major USDA entomology research laboratory is located on campus. Members of the department’s graduate faculty are also stationed at nine modern, well-equipped regional research centers located in major agricultural areas in the state, enabling interested students to carry out research programs at these off-campus locations.

ERL_bldgSpecialized facilities available within the department include an entomological research collection of more than 2.7 million curated specimens, greenhouses, walk-in and individual-temperature/photoperiod programmable chambers, computer terminals and printers, a photographic darkroom, federally approved maximum quarantine facilities, an NIH-approved P3 containment facility for virology research, and equipment for a full range of biochemical, physiological, and toxicological investigations. Also available on campus are the Electron Microscopy Center, the Data Processing Center, a 2.2-million-volume library, and a nuclear reactor.

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