Change of Major

Change of Major information for ENTO

Required Coursework

Course Hours
ENTO 201 3
Business Math I 3
Business Math II 3
Biology I 4
Biology II 4

To apply as a Change of Major student into Entomology, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  1. Completed one full semester at TAMU
  2.   Students in excess of 70 credit hours are expected to have completed course work that closely adheres to the ENTO curriculum (CHEM 101/111, CHEM 102/112, BIOL 111, 112, MATH 141, 142 and university core curriculum requirements)
  3. Students must submit a one page typed essay with Change of Curriculum Application, explaining why want to major in ENTO and how they plan to use degree in regards to career

Undergraduate Change of Curriculum Request Form (TAMU Registrar)


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