Jose Juarez Valdez

I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. While at UVG, I worked on vector control programs for Chagas disease and Malaria. I got my Master’s of Science in Biology and Control of Parasites and Disease Vectors from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. At LSTM, I worked evaluating an RNAi target for Tsetse flies’ salivary gland infections. Subsequently, I also worked at the International Atomic Energy Agency evaluating irradiation procedures on the Sterile Insect Technique for Aedes sp. My main research interests are novel methods of vector control and community participation/engagement for developing Integrated Vector Control Interventions. I joined Dr. Hamer’s lab here at Texas A&M to work on an Eco-Bio-Social approach for the surveillance and control of Aedes aegypti in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

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