Entomology Minor

Minor in Entomology
Offered by
The Department of Entomology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The minor in Entomology is available to all students enrolled at Texas A&M University. The courses listed below constitute the minimum 17 hours required for a minor in Entomology.


A. Core Courses (8-9 hours):
1. ENTO 201 General Entomology                                                            3 Credit Hours, OR
ENTO 208/209Veterinary Entomology                                               3 Credit Hours
2. ENTO 482 Occupational and Professional Development                 2 Credit Hours
3. ENTO 301 Biodiversity and Biology of Insects                                   4 Credit Hours, OR
ENTO 322 Insects in Human Society                                                     3 Credit Hours

(NOTE: Substitutions are not allowed for core courses.)

B. Directed Elective Courses (9 hours):
Nine additional hours in 300 or 400 level ENTO courses are required. Students are encouraged to visit the Department of Entomology Academic Advisors in 404 Minnie Belle Heep Building (HPCT), West Campus, to select the appropriate directed elective courses based on their individual educational and career interests.

C. Prerequisite Courses:
All prerequisites for each core and elective course also must be met. Prerequisite courses will not be applied to the minor requirements and do not count toward the number of hours needed to complete the minor. Please refer to the Texas A&M University Undergraduate Catalog for a listing of course prerequisites.

D. Availability of Courses and Minor Recognition:
The Department of Entomology cannot guarantee the availability of the courses required to meet the above requirements. Successful completion of the minor will be certified by a degree audit in Howdy during the semester of the student’s graduation. The minor will be recognized after graduation on the student’s transcript, but not on the student’s diploma.

Students pursuing the Minor in Entomology are to complete this form and submit the document to 404 HPCT.

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