ENTO 484-503 Virtual Exchange Internship

The information provided below only applies to the ENTO 484-503 Virtual Exchange Internship Courses led by Dr. Jennifer Gillett (10-week summer and fall semesters).

For more information regarding the ENTO 484-503 course, please contact Dr. Jennifer Gillett, jgillett@tamu.edu via your TAMU Official Email and ENTO 484-503 in the subject line.

Course Description:

This course will acquaint students with international peer partners and scholars to reinforce academic instruction received to date and prepare students for the transition to employment, graduate and professional schools. Students will work in multidisciplinary and multi-national teams of two to four to research a crop, and issues facing that crop in different growing regions from the perspective of their interest (production, harvest, food processing, business and trade, or environmental consequences). At the end of the internship groups will share their idea for future research with a professor or scientist that works with the crop/problem to discuss options for solving the problem they identify. Students will provide weekly journal reports of their progress and their team’s progress. At the end of the semester individuals will provide an internship report in which they reflect on their initial proposal, their teamwork, and their actual internship experience. In this report they should discuss which courses and experiences helped them prepare for the virtual exchange, what they wish they already had had in advance, how it will help them in the future, etc.

 Credit Hours: 0-3*
*Contact your major advisor to discuss the number of credit hours you should request to register for ENTO 484-503. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm the number of credit hours needed with their major academic advisor prior to completing the application.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will research and develop strategies for solving international agricultural issues. Students will recognize and compare differences in resource availability and government oversight when performing research in different locations. Students will prepare and critique a variety of written and oral materials that support their research ideas. Students will organize and match their research plans with an expert in the area to interview. Students will recognize and exhibit ethical and responsible actions and behaviors in group work and research team development.

Assessment of these learning outcomes will be based upon the content evaluation of the internship proposal, electronic internship journal, photo-documented activities, final internship report, and an internship supervisor survey of evaluation.

Before Initiating the Internship (by the deadlines indicated for the appropriate semester, posted below):

  1. Students should contact Dr. Gillett, jgillett@tamu.edu, prior to applying for ENTO 484-503 to learn more about the course, expectations, and required synchronous meeting times.
  2. After contacting Dr. Gillett, students will then submit the departmental application (link and deadline at bottom of page), including a proposal. Students will not be registered for Virtual Exchange Internship credit hours until a formal proposal is on file in the Entomology Undergraduate Programs Office. The proposal must include the title page and address all of the following:
    • In your own words, describe the agency, department and responsibilities for your Virtual Exchange Internship (discuss with Dr. Gillett).
    • Describe your experiences working on group projects. What skills have you learned that have made you a better group participant or leader?
    • Are you comfortable working in a bilingual environment (where English and Spanish are the primary languages)?
    • How would you classify your ability to understand or communicate in Spanish?
    • Provide a section on your professional/educational background that may be relevant to the work experience being done.
    • Describe what you expect to learn through your internship.
    • Describe how you expect this internship will be useful for your future career endeavors.
  1. Student’s proposals must be in APA format, double spaced, 12-pt font. A title page* with the following information must be included with the student’s proposal:

– Student’s Name, UIN
– Number of Credit Hours
– Semester (Fall, Spring, first-second or 10-week Summer)
– Registration Year
– Major
– Date, Student Phone, Student Address, Student Email
– Gillett, Jennifer, jgillett@tamu.edu
– Supervisor, Supervisor Title, Supervisor Company, Supervisor Phone, Email & Fax (List Dr. Gillett as the supervisor)
*Proposals without a title page will not be processed

  1. Documents should be saved in the following file format: StudentLast,StudentFirst_ENTO484_Gillett
  2. The proposal will be reviewed, and more information may be requested.
  3. The student must communicate with Dr. Gillett, complete this online application, and submit the proposal to the Entomology Undergraduate Programs Office using the links provided at the bottom of this page, prior to being registered.

Students should list Dr. Gillett as the “Supervisor” on their ENTO 484 application if applying for ENTO 484-503. Students should confirm with their major academic advisor the number of credits (between 0-3) to request for enrolling in 484 BEFORE submitting the application. Summer enrollment must be for the 10-Week Summer Session.

The link to the application and the deadline can be found at the bottom of this page.

Registration Process:

Once your proposal is received an email will be sent to Dr. Gillett for review and approval. You will not be registered for Professional Internship credit until Dr. Gillett has approved your application. Registration will be conducted by Dr. Ashleigh Faris (Ashleigh.faris@tamu.edu), you will be sent a confirmation email once you have been registered.

Requirements for Final Grade:

At the end of the internship, students will upload their weekly individual journals and final report as their final documents for the ENTO 484-503 Virtual Exchange Internship credit. A weblink will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before the end of the semester for this submission.

Information regarding final reports and weekly journal entry requirements will be shared with you in the ENTO 484-503 Virtual Exchange Internship course by Dr. Gillett. Additional participation, assessments, and items may be required for the course grade, please consult course syllabus from Dr. Gillett.

The student will be evaluated on their internship performance by the instructor at the end of the semester. Rubrics for final grades should be discussed with the professor of record. A copy of this documentation will become part of the student’s record in the Department of Entomology.

In order to receive a grade, the final report, weekly journals (compiled as 1 PDF), and supervisor evaluation must be uploaded to the weblink emailed by the Department of Entomology no later than the last day of classes for the semester in which the student is registered. Additional requirements may be in place for grading as well, please review course syllabus.

Technical difficulties are the responsibility of the student and sometimes occur; therefore, we strongly encourage students to submit the documents well in advance of the deadline to allow for troubleshooting in the event that technical difficulties occur.

Application Links/Deadlines

ENTO 484 Virtual Exchange: https://tamuag.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0IZaQXSUldkWA5M
Majors Deadline: May 20, 2022
Non-Majors Deadline: May 31, 2022



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