FIVS 291/491-Research

Project oriented, faculty supervised research. Projects should be hypothesis driven and provide students with appropriate scientific research experience.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students should demonstrate critical thinking skills by establishing testable hypotheses, presenting logical experimental methods, analyzing data, interpreting results, and discussing findings.
  2. Students should demonstrate technical competency through correct usage of terminology, concepts, principles, and logic in all elements of the research project.


 The expectation is that students should obligate 3 hours of lab time per week per credit hour (for a long term).  The workload per week will vary depending on the project and part of term.

Students are required to consult with their intended professor of record to determine expectations for the agreed upon number of credit hours before completing the application link below.

Students must submit a research proposal as part of the application process.  The research proposal must include a title page and the following (in APA format):

  1. Describe the overall problem to be addressed.
  2. Provide a section on scientific background that may be relevant to the research being done.
  3. List specific objective to attain the goal and brief description of how each objective will be achieved.
  4. Documents should be saved in the following file format: StudentLast,StudentFirst_FIVS491_ProfessorOfRecordLast

Enrollment/Employment Requirements:

Students and Mentors must comply with all enrollment and/or employment policies associated with ENTO 491 Research.  Mentors should be familiar with these policies prior to the development of an ENTO 491 Research project and recruitment of students into ENTO 491 Research.  Students should also be familiar with these policies prior to agreeing to participate ENTO 491 Research.  Students and Mentors should consult the Entomology Academic Advising or Human Resources staff as to the current policies.

Requirements for Final Grade:

Final grade will be assigned based on assessment of these learning outcomes, content evaluation of the research proposal, final project report, and a project journal or laboratory notebook. Registered students will be sent a link for document uploading. The questionnaire and those documents are due by the last class day of the semester in which the student is registered. Technical difficulties are the responsibility of the student and sometimes occur; therefore, we strongly encourage students to submit the documents well in advance of the deadline to allow for troubleshooting in the event that technical difficulties occur.

Submission of an application does not guarantee approval of an internship or registration for the credit hours for which a student is requesting. It is the student’s responsibility to check their TAMU email account for correspondence regarding their application.

Application Deadlines/Links:

Spring 2021
FIVS 491:
(students MUST be admitted to the upper division portion of the FIVS program to be eligible for FIVS 484)
FIVS 291:
Deadline: December 23, 2020

Summer 2021
FIVS 491:
(students MUST be admitted to the upper division portion of the FIVS program to be eligible for FIVS 484)
FIVS 291:
Deadline: May 24, 2021


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