Former Forensic and Investigative Sciences Students

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Carmen Tellez ’15

Carmen TellezCarmen Tellez graduated in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic and Investigative Sciences with a Pre-Law track. During these past four years at Texas A&M, she has not only applied herself academically, but she has also been involved in many extracurricular activities such as the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Aggie Forensic Investigative Science Organization. Most importantly, she has learned what it means to be a Forensic Scientist. Not only has she learned about the field’s important implications in trying to resolve legal cases, but also its flaws and limitations. Carmen was recently accepted into and will be attending at the University of Texas Law School.


Courtney Weldon ’14

36427810-c928-4e66-a2b1-f111ae92fe4bCourtney Weldon is a 2014 Forensic and Investigative Sciences graduate from College Station, TX. She is now a first-year graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs pursing a Master of Global Policy Studies and specializing in Energy Security. Courtney plans to focus on nuclear nonproliferation. This interest stems from its combination of nuclear engineering, forensic science, chemistry, and policy. She wants to use both her technical and policy backgrounds to communicate between the scientific community and policymakers about nuclear security. Courtney hopes to contribute to the nuclear nonproliferation field by applying her skills to nuclear forensics. Nuclear forensics is valuable to nonproliferation efforts because it assists in the tracking of nuclear material that can lead to proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology to make highly enriched uranium and plutonium. By analyzing recovered evidence from nuclear sources using carbon dating and studying the isotopic mixture of the nuclear fuel, she can identify where material potentially originated. Courtney was recently selected for the Paul L. Leventhal Fellowship Program for the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project and will apply her expertise in forensic science and global policy to an internship in nuclear security this summer in Washington, D.C.

Barrett Riddle ’14

Barrett-2015Barrett Riddle graduated with a BS in Forensic & Investigative Sciences from Texas A&M University in 2014. Since graduating, Barrett has been enrolled in medical school at The University of Texas Medical Branch. He is currently finishing up his first year of medical school and so far he has loved every minute of it. Medical school is everything he thought it would be and more. His professors and classmates are some of the most amazing people he has ever met. He has also had the privilege of interacting with patients during his clinical encounters.

This summer he will be taking part in two clinical rotations, one in radiology and the other in general surgery. He will also be looking into research opportunities in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine. As much as he enjoyed learning about science, his favorite part of medical school so far has been the clinical aspect because interacting with real patients who need medical care is a constant reminder as to why we must work so hard in the classroom. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity he has been given to impact the lives of patients and their families in a positive way. Barrett indicated that the amazing faculty in the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M played an integral part in his being accepted to medical school.


Callan Hundl ’13

Callan Hundl-smallerCallan Hundl graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic & Investigative Sciences in December 2013. After graduation, she started working as an Evidence Technician at the Houston Forensic Science Center in November 2014. In June of 2015, she has been promoted to a Quality Associate. “I love my job and my company and I am so lucky to be apart of the forensics world like I always hoped to be,” she said.


Kelsey AdamsKelsey Adams ’12
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Research: Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae) adult response to P. mirabilis wildtype and 7_14 mutant.
After Graduation: Kelsey is planning on attending Graduate School at the University of North Texas in the Forensic Genetics Program.

Ileene BerriosIleene Berrios ’12
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
After Graduation: Army Medical Service

Adriana Guerra ’12
Adrianna GuerraMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Psychology minor
Track: Science
Internship: Clint F. Sare, Attorney at Law
After Graduation: Adriana is teaching high school Chemistry and Physics and is planning to apply for Occupational Therapy School.

Amber Kendrick ’12
Amber KendrickMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Chemistry minor
Track: Science
Internship: Austin Police Department, Forensic Science Division, Firearms Laboratory
After Graduation: Amber recently was accepted into the Texas A&M
Veterinary Medicine Program

Alyssa Laymance ’12Alyssa_Laymance
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Internship: Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department – Crime Scene Unit
After Graduation: Alyssa is applying to the Bryan Police Department as well as the Brazos County Sheriffs Department.

Reginald Nubine ’12
reggie-newbine-7-20-15Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Psychology Double Major
Track: Law
Research: Emotions, Personality, and Identity Problems
After Graduation: Since gradation, he has been attending law school at the University of Colorado law school. In his three years in law school he has had the opportunity to immerse himself in many areas of substantive law. In his first year of law school he was dead set on becoming either a patent attorney, or an attorney who worked to reform the criminal justice system. However, his interests broadened throughout his time in law school after becoming aware of just how important lawyers are to our society. He has had the opportunity to intern in the public sector, analyzing and drafting policy on telecommunications issues (thankfully, he was able to understand much of the science thanks to his forensics background and physics classes); in the corporate sector, drafting agreements and improving corporate policy; and finally in the government sector, enforcing regulatory code and prosecuting offenders. Ultimately, he has choosen to go into the government sector instead of working for a firm because he wants to serve, protect, and advocate for the public. Further, he wants to ensure that the broad range of rules and regulations that states and local governments create are rational and just. As he completes his final year of law school he is gearing up to take the Colorado bar. He is planning on clerking with a state court judge following graduation. Upon completion of his clerkship, he plans on working for the Denver City Attorney’s Office.

Thomas O’Connor ’12
Thomas-OConnorMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Business minor
Track: Law
Internship: Hon Professor at the University of Kent
After Graduation: Thomas is currently a 2L (second year) student at South Texas College of Law in Houston and a J.D. candidate for May 2016. Thomas has indicated that law school is different, and more challenging, than his undergraduate studies. However, having a FIVS degree from Texas A&M has tremendously helped him adjust to the law school setting. In particular, the FIVS classes that required participating in debates, reading scientific and legal articles, and being randomly called on to discuss legal articles (you know the ones I am talking about) was an invaluable experience. In law school I read about five to six hours per night of dense legal opinions and case law that I have to be prepared to talk about in class if the professor randomly calls on me. Thomas truly believes that if he had not obtain a FIVS degree, the transition into law school would have been much less smooth. Thomas has even better news to report besides attending law school. He is proud to report that he is engaged to a beautiful Aggie named, MacKenzie Kitten ’12. They met at A&M and plan on getting married soon after he takes the July 2016 bar exam.

Catherine_WhiteCatherine White ’12
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Internship: Bryan Police Department, Citizen’s Police Academy Coordinator
After Graduation: United States Army

bryce-dorwartBryce Dorwart ’12
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Internship: Forensic Palynology; Palynology Research Laboratory, Texas A&M University
After Graduation: TEEX

Daniel Kelly ’12
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Sociology minor
Track: Law
Internship: College Station Police Department, Criminal Investigation Division
After Graduation: United States Marine Corps

alexweghorstAlex Weghorst ’12
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Research: Longitudinal identification of Lone Star ticks
After Graduation: Alex will continue working and doing research at Texas A&M with plans to attend Graduate School in the fall.

Kortney Parchman ’12
Kortney-2015Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Internship: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department – Crime Lab
After Graduation: Kortney Parchman graduated with her BS in Forensic & Investigative Sciences in December 2012. After graduation, she enrolled in the Central Texas Police Academy beginning on February 4, 2013. She graduated in the 152nd Basic Peace Officer Class on June 7, 2013 and was immediately hired by the College Station Police Department. Kortney has continued serving the community here locally as a Police Officer ever since.


Felicia Tovar ’11
thumbprintMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Research: Studied the effects of gender on the developmental size of Lucilia Sericata.
After Graduation: Attending the University of Texas at Austin – College of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Sarah Bahlmann ’11
sarahMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences and Entomology
Track: Science
After Graduation: Sarah is currently attending Sam Houston State University working on her Masters in Forensic Science.

Casey Branach ’11
caseyMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences and Entomology, Chemistry minor
Track: Science
Internship: Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy internship on Capitol Hill under Congressman Ralph M. Hall.
After Graduation: Casey is attending Texas Tech University working on a double doctorate in medicine and jurisprudence.

Jessica Gutierrez ’11
jessica_gutierrezMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Chemistry minor
Track: Science
Research: Find and identify heritable endosymbionts in blow fly species

Clay Tyler ’11
Clay_TylerMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Research: Chrysomya rufifacies and Cochliomyia macellaria Behavior Research

Aandrea_canaldandrea Canalda ’11
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science


Kaylie McGuireKaylie McGuire ’10
Major: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Chemistry minor
Track: Science
Internship: Bryan Police Department Crime Lab under Curtis Klingle
Research: Examined heritable endosymbionts as a possible cause of monogenic sex determination in Chrysomya Rufifacies
After Graduation: Kaylie continued her education by attending Penn State University in the fall of 2010 and graduated with a MPS in Forensic Science-Biology Track in May 2012. After graduation from Penn State University, she moved back to Texas to take a position at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (SWIFS) or the Dallas County Crime Laboratory in the Physical Evidence Unit as a Forensic Biologist. Her main job duty at SWIFS is to screen evidence items for biological fluids and take samples from evidence items for further testing, DNA analysis. She has held that position for 2.5 years and in that time has gone through an intense training program. Since completing training and becoming a qualified analyst, she has testified in court a handful of times on her casework.

Christopher Herring ’10
chris_herringMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Law
Internship: Bryan Police Department under Detectives Tyler and Ingram
After Graduation: Chris is working on his Criminal Justice Masters degree at Texas State University.

Katie Foster ’10
thumbprintMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
Internship: The law firm of Clint F. Sare
After Graduation: Began working at Orchid Cellmark, a private forensic DNA testing lab in Dallas.
She now works at the  Houston Police Department as a Criminalist in the Biology section.

Charity Owings ’10
charity_owingsMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences and Entomology, Anthropology minor
Track: Science
Research: Determining whether bacteria colonizing decomposing material play a role in attracting consumers.
Conducted a developmental study on a colony of different species of Lucilia blow flies.
After Graduation: Immediately after graduation, Owings continued with her graduate studies in Entomology under the supervision of Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin. During this time, she was able to travel around Texas in order to explore variation in distinct populations of the blow fly, Cochliomyia macellaria Fabricius (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Aside from this research, Owings also had the opportunity to gain experience working forensic cases and teaching forensic entomology to law enforcement throughout the region. After graduating with her Master of Science degree in 2012, Owings began her PhD program in the Department of Biology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) under the supervision of Dr. Christine Picard. Here, her research currently focuses on exploring the population genetic structure of forensically important beetles, flies, and mites.

Dikla Medina ’10
dikla_medinaMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Chemistry minor
Track: Science
After Graduation: Dikla is working as a DNA and Evidence Technician at the Dallas Area office of the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Tim O’Brien ’09
Tim-smallerMajor: Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Track: Science
After Graduation: Tim O’Brien graduated with a BS in Forensic and Investigative Sciences in December 2009 as the first graduate of the program. Immediately following graduation, he began working at the Austin Police Department as a Property Crime Technician and was promoted to a Crime Scene Specialist two years later. During this time he attained status as a Certified Crime Scene Investigator through the International Association of Identification. In August 2014, Tim accepted a grant from the European Commission to begin an Erasmus Mundus Masters in Forensic Science (specializing in Forensic Chemistry). He is currently living in Lisbon, Portugal in the second semester of program and will graduate in the fall 2016.


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