Former Undergraduate Students

Santos Portugal ’12
Major: EntomologySantos plans to attend Mississippi State University in Starkville in the fall.

Jennifer Stauffer
Major: EntomologyJennifer Stauffer ’10 is currently the resident entomologist and customer service for the Pest Control department of BWI Companies, Inc.

Stephen Bahr II
Major: EntomologyStephen works as an Agricultural Specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

James Butler
Major: EntomologyJames is a medical entomologist for the U.S. Army Public Health Command. He is also actively involved with the Armed Forces Pest Management Board. James’ work primarily involves regulatory reviews and integrated pest management plans, tick and mosquito surveillance, pathogen testing, as well as various other projects related to the health of the military.

Calli Rosenbalm
Major: Entomology-Forensic Science TrackCalli is employed with the Garland Police Department.

Tim O’Brien
Major: Forensic and Investigative SciencesTim is employed as a Property Crime Tech at the Austin Police Department

Sebe Brown
Major: EntomologySebe plans to attend the Entomology Program at LSU.His best memory is impaling his shin with a crow bar on Dr. Wharton’s Entomology 301 collecting trip.

Natalie Cervantes
Major: EntomologyNatalie will be working for Texas AgriLife Extension and plans to return to Texas A&M in the future for her master’s degree.
Her best memory is all her quirky professors and their love for bugs.

Landon Proctor
Major: EntomologyLandon will be working for Disney in Orlando, Florida. His best memory is remembering all the many antics of systematics professors on collection trips.

Melissa Simons
Major: Entomology-Forensic Science Track and Animal Science (Double Major)Melissa plans to attend Vet School at TAMU.Her best memory of entomology is the advising staff.

Patricia Mullins
Major: Entomology-Forensic Science TrackPatricia plans to take a year off to travel and volunteer abroad. Her best memories include Dr. Wharton’s collecting trips and his great personality. The advising staff and my first memory of Kristie Reddick as my ENTO 201 T.A. – she is the one who got me hooked on Entomology, Thank you.

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