Future Department of Entomology Undergraduates

Xanthe 2 at Petting ZooUndergraduate Experience

The Department is one of the top entomology departments in the United States based on its outstanding students, staff and faculty, excellent facilities, and exceptionally diverse programs that impact positively Texas and its spheres of influence.

The Department of Entomology Experience

The Department of Entomology administers two undergraduate degree programs; B.S. in Entomology and B.S. in Forensic and Investigative Sciences.  It is the only Department of Entomology in Texas and it routinely bridges scientific discovery with application to human society, the environment, and agriculture.  The Department of Entomology experience at Texas A&M University is more than the classes you take. It’s about what you learn. The hands-on experiences you have along the way…and what you do beyond the classroom as you apply your knowledge.

Learning Communities

Think of them like academic clubs… small academically-focused groups that enhance your experience at Texas A&M.

Outside the Classroom

Each undergraduate student is required to gain experience outside the classroom by either obtaining an internship that is related to a professional area of interest or by performing project oriented research.

Study Abroad 

Through the university, students have an opportunity to study in venues worldwide, gathering life-changing experiences that will make them better citizens of the world.

  • Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

Service Learning

Service learning is when your class engages with local organizations to address human and community needs. By acting as consultants, students apply what they have learned in the classroom to address social issues and challenges within various organizations.

Experiential Learning

Many courses expand learning beyond the classroom to personally experience the topics covered in coursework.

Get Involved

Students can learn more about their respective fields of study, network, serve the community and have fun through local, national and international student organizations and honor societies with chapters at Texas A&M. Organizations’ aims range from serving students pursuing specific degrees plans to more interdisciplinary interaction.

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