Entomology Student Enhancement Fund

student_at_microscopeThe Entomology Student Enhancement Fund helps to build an investment portfolio that will provide both an immediate, as well as a lasting source of funds to enhance the educational experience of deserving students.

The funding is used to expand the student’s experiences regarding entomology beyond those normally provided by Department programs or individual faculty.

Funds are awarded to eligible undergraduates or graduates seeking a degree from the Department of Entomology.

What are some possible uses of the Student Enhancement Fund?

  • Assisting students in participating in conferences or workshops that provide them with training not available within the Department
  • Allowing them to function on committees that improve their professional development within the discipline of entomology
  • Supporting student travel to give an invited presentation at a national or international meeting
  • Providing funds that would allow a student to conduct exploratory research.
  • Providing funds that helps a student participate in outreach programs for schools or adult outreach educational opportunities.

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