Graduate Student Forum

Welcome to the Department of Entomology’s Graduate Student Forum!

The Graduate Student Forum serves several purposes:

  • Encourages graduate students to share with colleagues and others in the academic community
  • Provides professional development experience for students
  • Allows students to practice their presentation skills

Participants are given 12 minutes to present their research presentation and 3 minutes to facilitate questions from the audience. The top three presentations are given a certificate and cash prize.

 Congratulations to the Winners of the Twenty-Second Annual Forum!

Zanthe Kotze (right) with Dr. Pete Teel
First Place: Zanthé Kotzé

“Ecosystem resilience of carrion experiencing delayed Diptera colonization”



Pierre Lau, left, with Dr. Pete TeelSecond Place: Pierre Lau

“Understanding honey bee foraging preferences and nutrient regulation to improve beekeeping pollen substitutes”



Xiaotian Tang, left, with Dr. Pete TeelThird Place: Xiaotian Tang

“Let’s talk about eating, by the way, it’s self-eating.”

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