Welcome to the 2011 Arthropods Image Salon!

Congratulations to this year’s winners!!!

Artistic: “Furry Grasshopper” by Marion Le Gall
Arthropods In Action: “Pumpkin Pollinator” by Pat Porter
Traditional Macro: “Preying They Don’t See Me” by Xanthe Shirley
Photomicroscopy: “Polystoechotes Wing” by Joshua Jones
** Best Overall Winner: “Pumpkin Pollinator” by Pat Porter

To view all of this year’s entries, click on one of the categories below or to the right to link to a page with thumbnails of the entries in that category. Click on an image to see a pop-up window with a size adjusted version of the image and a description. You will need to disable any JavaScript blockers to see the pop-ups. Make sure to use the Close Window link to return to the category index page.


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