Insect Questions

Insect Identification Requests
There are three ways to have an insect identified; take a quick look at our gallery of insects commonly submitted for identification, send a digital image for identification, or mail a specimen to us.

Steps for Insect Identification:

1. View commonly submitted insects:

2. If you don’t see your insect in Step 1 then use the Online submission of digital images form.

3. The final recourse is to mail your specimen or damaged plant to the Department of Entomology. To do so you will need to complete this form
For problems with fire ants, click here.

*Note: By submitting an image or images for identification, you agree to allow the Texas A&M Department of Entomology and/or Texas AgriLife Extension to use them for educational purposes.

These purposes include teaching, use in Extension presentations and on our future website being constructed to aid in insect identification. Of course the submitter will be fully credited if his or her images are used in any manner.

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