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Department of Entomology Committee Memberships, Teams, and Officers
Elected/Appointed/Standing Student Committee/Ad-hoc
Promotion and Tenure
Committee (Elected) in
(December) 2 yr. term
Faculty Advisory
Committee (Elected) in
(September) 3 yr. term
Capital Campaign
Committee (September)
2 yr. term
Entomology Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) Aggie Forensic Investigative Sciences Organization (AFIS)
Megha Parajulee (19) Chair
Ed Vargo, (21) Chair-Elect
Zach Adelman (20)
Ada Szczepaniec (20)
Anjel Helms (21)
Juliana Rangel (21)
Gabe Hamer (22)
Jeff Tomberlin (22)
Sonja Swiger (22)
David Kerns
Carla Smith
Pete Teel
John Oswald (20)
Robert Puckett (20)
Greg Sword (21)
Raul Medina (21)
Crys Wright, Pres.
Phillip Schults, Vice Pres. External
Mackenzie Tietjen, Vice Pres. Internal
Fabian List, Treasurer
Kenneth Masloski Seminar Coordinator
Joanie King, Outreach Chair
Jaclyn Martin, Event Coordinator
Gregory Sword
Andrew Chapman, Pres.
Abigail Drago, Vice Pres.
Heather Hockersmith, Treas.
Raven Johnson, Sec.
William Walford, Historian
Ento Banquet Co-Chairs.
Rachel McNeal,Kayla Butterfield,
Aaron Tarone
Adrienne Brundage (secondary advisor)
Graduate Admissions Committee (September) 2 yr. term Committee on Utilization
and Assignment of Physical
Space (September) 2 yr. term
Administrative Advisory Team Undergraduate Entomology Student Organization (UESO) Quarantine Committee
Craig Coates(standing) Chair
Rebecca Hapes(non-voting)
Suhas Vyavhare (19)
Juliana Rangel (19)
David Kerns (19)
Anjel Helms (20)
Raul Medina (20)Travel Grant Subcommittee:
Rebecca Hapes (non-voting)
Juliana Rangel (19)
Raul Medina (19)
Cecilia Tamborindeguy (21) Chair
Adela Chavez (21) Co-Chair
Ada Szczepaniec (19)
Keyan Zhu-Salzman (19)
Ismael Badillo (20)
Spence Behmer (20)
Zach Adelman (20)
Michel Slotman (20)
Hojun Song (21)
Aaron Tarone (21)
Robert Puckett (21)
Pete Teel
Craig Coates
David Kerns
Teresa Gold
Carla Smith
Peggy Lundstrom
Rebecca Hapes
Ann Pool
Jeff Tomberlin
Aaron Tarone
Franchesca Rodriguez, Pres.
Ragan Miller, Vice Pres.
Myrah Rogers, Treas.
Haley Gavranovic, Webmaster/Outreach Coordinator
Allie Byrd, Banquet Chair
Hojun Song
Pete Krauter (non-voting)
Gabe Hamer
Zach Adelman
Michel Slotman
Hojun Song
Education Committee*
(September) 2 yr. term
Awards and Scholarships Committee
2 yr. term
Aggie Women in Entomology (AWE)
Craig Coates (standing), Chair
Rebecca Hapes (non-voting)
Ann Pool (non-voting)
Julio Bernal (20)
Gabe Hamer (20)
Michael Brewer (21)
Adela Chavez (21)
*Crys Wright, Pres. EGSO
*Andrew Chapman, Pres. AFIS
*Franchesca Rodriguez, Pres. UESO
*Alex Payne, Pres. (AWE)
Rebecca Hapes (standing)
Ann Pool (standing)
Carla Smith (standing)
Kevin Heinz (21) Chair
MO Way (20)
Keyan Zhu-Salzman (20)
Megha Parajulee (21)
Julio Bernal (21)
Alex Payne, Pres.
Jaclyn Martin, Vice-Pres.
Tara Kay Jones, Treasurer
Leah Buchman, Dir. of communications
Loren Rivera Vega, Post-doc rep.
Cecilia Tamborindeguy

*student rep. Year indicates FALL Semester when terms expire. (Except P&T Committee)

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