Code of Conduct Statement, Department of Entomology

The faculty of Texas A&M University Department of Entomology are dedicated to upholding a set of core values as we carry out our academic mission of learning and scholarship with the overarching goal of serving society through our research, teaching, extension education, and public service missions.

To achieve excellence, the community of scholars and educators that comprise the Department of Entomology is committed to the highest ethical standards of conduct and integrity as outlined in our Code of Conduct Statement. This statement does not create any additional rules or different rights than are supported through current University and Agency policies, procedures and workplace rules. As a community of scientists we are simply stating that our department strives to be:

Diverse: We respect individual and intellectual diversity in all its forms. For example,

  • Faculty members individually evaluate others based on their achievements and contributions irrespective of personal beliefs, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnic, national origin or
  • Faculty members promote understanding, tolerance, respect and participation from all individuals.

Accountable: We are responsible for the reputation and success of the department and we expect all to adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. For example,

  • Faculty members accept personal responsibility to evaluate people based solely on their
  • Faculty members accept a fair share of responsibility by participating in departmental governance by attending meetings, seminars and volunteering to serve on

Respectful: We treat others in a civil and respectful fashion. For example,

  • Faculty members avoid all forms of harassment, illegal discrimination, threats and abuse of power. We never use, or tolerate others who use, derogatory language about another person.
  • Faculty members acknowledge professional indebtedness to colleagues and other scholars by proper citation.

Ethical: We act according to the highest ethical and professional standards and model ethical conduct to all members of the community. For example,

  • Faculty members are personally accountable for individual actions and we affirm that we will abide by this code of conduct.
  • We fulfill our obligations to manage resources responsibly, prevent waste and abuse, and promote a culture of principled behavior.

DARE to be Excellent!

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