Education Committee

Role and Function

The Education Committee works with the Department Head, faculty, and students to review academic
matters and make appropriate recommendations on subjects including:

  • New courses and substantive changes to existing courses
  • Curriculum reviews and curriculum changes
  • Requests for special, adjunct and full member appointments to graduate committees and
    graduate faculty
  • Academic reviews
  • Special Assignments

This Committee is appointed by the Department Head. Service on this Committee can require a
significant commitment of time by faculty, and hence reassignments to the committee are made on a
rotating annual basis. Committee membership and expected year of rotation now includes:


Pete Teel (standing)

Craig Coates (standing), Chair

Rebecca Hapes (non-voting)

Ann Pool (non-voting)

Jeff Tomberlin (17)

Gregory Sword (17)

Hojun Song (18)

Micky Eubanks (18)

*Carl Hjelmen, Pres. EGSO
*Katherina Kang, Pres. AFIS
*Dayvion Adams, Pres. UESO

*student representatives

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