faculty advisory committee


Spence Behmer (18), Chair

Juliana Rangel (17)

Mike Brewer (17)

Jim Woolley (18)

Hojun Song (19)

Ed Vargo (19)

Pat Porter (19)


The Faculty Advisory Committee is an elected committee of the Department of Entomology representing on-and off-campus teaching, research, and extension. The Committee is composed of seven faculty members holding professorial rank. Five of the seven are on-campus faculty and are elected by plurality vote by on-campus faculty. Off-campus Extension faculty members nominate and elect one member from their group to represent them on the FAC. The off-campus Experiment Station faculty likewise nominate and elect a representative from their group to complete the seven member FAC. Associate Department Heads are ineligible to serve. In June 1998 a motion was made and pa888d at the Department Faculty Meeting that membership to the Faculty Advisory Committee be open to all faculty members, regardless of ranking.

Role and Function

The role of the FAC is to work in concert with the Department Head in policy setting and decision making for the Department of Entomology. The FAC will work jointly with the Department Head to develop and initiate policy and serve as a planning entity to improve the efficiency of operation in the Department. Within this context, the FAC will bring issues or concerns to the Department Head and vice versa the FAC will serve as a “sounding board” for the Department Head to explore and initially develop ideas and approaches to be considered by the faculty as a whole. The FAC can serve a vital and positive function in the department to further increase communication between the faculty and the Department Head.

Meeting and Reporting

The FAC is to meet regularly at least twice annually and whenever issues are presented to the Committee. One meeting of the Committee is to be held during the Agricultural Program annual meeting in January. The Committee is to present a report of its activities at the departmental meeting held during the annual meeting of the Agriculture Program and at otherscheduled meetings when deemed necessary.


The FAC members are each elected for a three-year term on a staggered basis. and elections must be completed each year in December.

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