Grants & Proposal Writing

Getting grants and bringing in funding is a critical function of the work we do at Texas A&M.  It is the lifeblood in being able to continue our existing research and ultimately make amazing new discoveries. The technology requirements are becoming more and more ingrained in the research you are doing and as such the burden on documenting that is becoming more and more critical in winning those grants.

We are going to start offering Technical Assistance and help with evaluating your Technology needs before you submit a proposal so you will be more competitive and ultimately bring more money to the Department.

TAMU is in the process of fully adopting the NIST Control Catalog.  We currently use the SAP’s in section 29 at the following link but over the next year will be amending ours to more closely follow NIST.  This means that some rules and regulations will be changing over the course of the next year.

For most Federal Grants you are also now required to file a data management plans and we are able to assist with the creation of those as well.

TAMU Division of Research

If you wish to utilize these services, complete the following form and we will be in touch with you to discuss the various options.


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