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Welcome to the Entomology IT Website.  Due to our migration from AgriLife IT to TAMUIT as recommended by COALS Administration, the relationship we have for IT services has also changed.  We (Entomology IT) have moved from a service provider to service facilitator.  We will still be performing most IT related functions for you but we are no longer running the core services but rather contracting out with TAMUIT.  The website below is broken into functional groups so for more information on each topic click on its respective section header.

Inventory Management Policy
The goal of this policy is to establish a standard computing methodology across the entire department so we can stay in compliance with the rules and procedures set by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Security Policies
A description of TAMU IT Security policies, as well as TAMU Entomology policies.

Data Storage/Backup Policy
Data is one of our most important assets. In order to protect this asset from loss or destruction, it is imperative that it be safely and securely captured, copied, and stored. The goal of the following document is to outline ways you can protect your data to meet the standards set by Texas A&M.

This section contains information about the TAMUIT Exchange Email Service

Departmental Website/Server Policy
In this section you will find the options for hosting websites, databases or servers

Hardware Recommendations
This section contains recommended hardware options as well as approximate pricing.  Technology pricing will fluctuate some based on component availability but the quotes should be close to the current pricing to give you an idea on overall costs for each option.

TAMU Software List
We are able to purchase software from various sources.  This section will outline the various methods we can use to purchase software and what software is available.

Grants and Proposal Writing
TAMU is in the process of fully adopting the NIST Control Catalog.  We currently use the SAP’s in section 29 at the following link but over the next year will be amending ours to more closely follow NIST.  This means that some rules and regulations will be changing over the course of the next year.


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