Inventory Management Policies

General Computer Policies

All computers will be named to the following match inventory – ENTO-1234567-L/D (last 7 digits of the serial number)

To keep our inventory up to date you will get notifications if any of your computers have not been connected to the internet in over 8 months and after a year if it still has not been turned on we will automatically begin the surplus process to remove it from our inventory.

Computers should be regularly powered on (bi-monthly) so they can perform necessary security updates.

Any property that is used away from the office must be added to the Property Used Away From Assigned Location, or AG-311 form. This form has to be filled out and submitted every year.

PC Specific Policies

  • All PC’s will be joined to the ADS domain and no local accounts will be created
  • Maintenance and Updates will automatically run Saturday & Sunday morning from 3:00-5:00 AM

Apple Specific Policies

Remote Management

We will be deploying an RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) tool to remotely manage and monitor our computers

  • Will be used to generate reports on our computers as required by TAMU/COALS for Audit Purposes
  • Facilitate remote support connections
  • Automate maintenance tasks, Windows and 3rd party software updates
  • Notify IT staff of potential hardware issues before they become a bigger problem

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