Website and Server Policy

Static Websites

Any static content based websites will be created on the AgriLife WordPress System.  It is provided free of charge and allows you to have WYSIWYG control over the content on the website.  Rob can assist with the creation and customization.

If you need scripting capabilities beyond what WordPress can offer those websites must be on a VM provided by TAMUIT.  The rates and options are listed below.

Server Policy

No Physical Servers used in a production role will be purchased using departmental funds.  You must purchase servers through TAMUIT.

We (Department IT) are no longer performing the day to day management of servers that are on TAMUIT’s infrastructure.  You have the option of paying TAMUIT to manage your Virtual Servers (cost below) or hiring a Server Administrator

Additionally, no incoming firewall access will be activated on any of our departmental networks.

These are the FY17 Rates (all annual rates):

Basic Virtual Server: $365 – 1 CPU core, 2 gigs of RAM and 40 GB storage*

Additional CPU: $290 per core

Additional RAM: $75 per GB

Additional Storage: $1 per GB

Additional Storage (Solid State Drive): $5.25 per GB

Server Administration: $2500 (they provide OS, updates, software installation and monitoring)

Security Policy For All Servers Requested:

For Windows Servers login will be NetID and Duo 2 Factor Authentication must be enabled

Linux configuration is up to the Lab Group and a representative must attend the monthly COALS Security Meetings and keep the Server up to date.

*OS and any Application/Database Servers must be provided by you.


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