Student Travel Information

Student Travel Information Form

University Rule on Student Travel and Student Travel Procedures apply when the intended travel is an activity or event located more than 25 miles from the university and that activity is:

  • funded by the University and students use a vehicle owned or leased by the University; or
  • required by a student organization recognized at the University; or
  • undertaken under the scope, direction, or election of a college, department, class, university office, learning community, study abroad program, recognized student organization, or their representatives.

If the travel does exceed 25 miles the department or organization must notify TAMU Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) before the travel event by submitting pertinent program and emergency contact information through the Student Travel Information Form located at the top of this page. Students voluntarily participating in elective activities and programs requiring travel (e.g. student organization travel, study abroad, optional academic field trips) will be required to complete a waiver and release form verifying that they understand and accept the risks involved in participating in the travel activity, and assume responsibility for their behavior.  NOTE – Copy of CIRT form and voluntary travel waiver will need to be submitted to Felicita Anzualda, Heep Center, Room 412D for departmental records.

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