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Freddy Ibanez-Carrasco

Ibanez-Carrasco, Freddy
Freddy Ibanez-Carrasco
Assistant Professor
(956) 968-5585
Undergraduate Education
B.S. Chemistry, University of Santiago of Chile
Graduate Education
Ph.D. Entomology, Texas A&M University

Professional Summary

Freddy Ibanez-Carrasco, Ph.D. is an Assistant professor in Research with a split appointment in Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Weslaco, and the Department of Entomology, College Station. His research interests are focused on: 1) Improving the current pest management strategies developing and testing novel IPM methods by understanding how visual and olfactory perception systems influence feeding, oviposition, and foraging behavior on psyllids and other insect pests, 2) Creating insecticide resistance monitoring programs on sucking and chewing pest populations in the Rio Grande Valley by assessing insecticides with different modes of action; and iii) Disrupt the insect and pathogen behaviors through the use of plant growth-promoting bacteria and natural compounds on cash crops at the RGV. During the first year of his appointment, Dr. Ibanez-Carrasco has actively pursued funds to develop his research program, attracting $480,000 in support from State and Federal agencies. He is an active reviewer in Frontiers, Insect Science, among other entomological journals.

Research Areas of Expertise

Plant-insect-pathogen interactions, vector biology, and integrated pest management.


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