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Dr. Adarsh Gupta Kasamsetty

Kasamsetty, Dr. Adarsh Gupta
Dr. Adarsh Gupta Kasamsetty
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Dr. Kevin Myles Lab
323 Heep Center
(979) 458-3109

Adarsh obtained his Bachelor of Science Education (B.S.Ed.) dual degree in Chemistry and Biology with gold medal from Regional Institute of Education-Mysore (India), Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Microbiology with gold medal from University of Madras (India) and joined Nagaraju’s lab at Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD)-India in 2008 to study Insect Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry. In 2014, Adarsh joined Tatineni’s lab at University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) to study Plant Virology, Plant Pathology and Omics, and obtained Ph.D. (Class of 2018). Currently, Adarsh is postdoctoral scientist in Myles’ lab at Texas A&M University, studying molecular interactions of mosquito-borne human viruses, and antiviral small RNA pathways in mosquitoes. Outside work, Adarsh won awards and accolades for his photography, painting and singing.

Recent Publications:

  • Gupta AK, Tatineni S. RNA silencing suppression mechanisms of Triticum mosaic virus P1: dsRNA binding property and mapping functional motifs. Virus Res. 2019 Jun 17;269:197640.
  • Gupta AK, Hein GL, Tatineni S. P7 and P8 proteins of High Plains wheat mosaic virus, a negative-strand RNA virus, employ distinct mechanisms of RNA silencing suppression. Virology. 2019 Jun 17;535:20-31.
  • Gupta AK, Tatineni S. Wheat streak mosaic virus P1 Binds to dsRNAs without Size and Sequence Specificity and a GW Motif Is Crucial for Suppression of RNA Silencing. Viruses. 2019 May 24;11(5).
  • Gupta AK, Scully ED, Palmer NA, Geib SM, Sarath G, Hein GL, Tatineni S. ßWheat streak mosaic virus alters the transcriptome of its vector, wheat curl mite (Aceria tosichella Keifer), to enhance mite development and population expansion. J Gen Virol. 2019 May;100(5):889-910.
  • Tatineni S, Alexander J, Gupta AK, French R. Asymmetry in Synergistic Interaction Between Wheat streak mosaic virus and Triticum mosaic virus in Wheat. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2019 Mar;32(3):336-350.
  • Gupta AK, Hein GL, Graybosch RA, Tatineni S. Octapartite negative-sense RNA genome of High Plains wheat mosaic virus encodes two suppressors of RNA silencing. Virology. 2018 Feb 27; 518:152-162.
  • Gupta AK*, Mita K, Arunkumar KP, Nagaraju J. Molecular architecture of silk fibroin of Indian golden silkmoth, Antheraea assama. Nature Sci Rep. 2015 Aug 3; 5:12706. (*corresponding author)