Position Opening – Chief Apiary Inspector – Texas Apiary Inspection Service

Chief Apiary Inspector Position Available

The Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University seeks applicants for a vacant Chief Apiary Inspector position for the Texas Apiary Inspection Service (TAIS). The duties and responsibilities of the Chief Apiary Inspector include overseeing all activities of TAIS including regulatory actions, supervising personnel and developing the educational aspects of the program.  As the Chief of TAIS the incumbent has the statutory authority to propose rules that support enforcement of the Texas Administrative Code that governs TAIS activities (http://txbeeinspection.tamu.edu/regulations/).

Specific Duties. The incumbent must maintain a good working relationship with the Texas Beekeeping Association (TBA). This includes attending their annual and summer meetings and to provide updates on regulations and rules to enforce those regulations.  In addition to working closely with TBA, the Chief serves as the primary point of contact for USDA when TAIS is requested to participate in national surveys whereby samples are to be collected from apiaries. On rare occasions it may become necessary to declare a quarantine for specific colonies or beekeeper(s) to contain disease, exotic pests, or undesirable races of honey bees. While TAIS is not an agency that enforces regulations, it does work with local police and county judges to file charges where appropriate. This may result in seizure of bees, equipment, pollen, and honey, to enforce bee laws and regulations. The incumbent will work with municipalities on honey bee-related issues and code recommendations and will serve as a point of contact for media interviews regarding honey bees.

Principal apiary inspection duties include overseeing the inspection of regulated honey bee colonies and issuing permits for import, export, and intrastate movement of colonies and issuing certificates of inspection. Record keeping in electronic format is done through an in-house data management system that documents apiary inspections. The Chief or his/her designee(s) will maintain records on permits issued, email lists, and other necessary data needed to operate TAIS. The primary focus of TAIS is to serve the full-time, commercial honey producers and those beekeepers focused on pollination services. TAIS is also charged with educating the public on topics related to beekeeping. This is accomplished by coordinating the Texas Master Beekeeper Program.

The incumbent is to work closely with TAMU faculty who are actively engaged in apiculture research. The Chief and his/her staff may participate in applied research projects that will assist beekeepers with management of honey bee diseases, parasites, and pathogens, but there needs to be a direct tie between the research activity and their regulatory responsibilities. The incumbent is expected to attend national professional society meetings as appropriate, including the annual meeting of the Apiary Inspectors of America. The appointee will be responsible for maintaining a website and to move to an electronic payment system for permits as soon as possible.

Administrative Relationship. The Chief reports to the Department Head of Entomology.  He/She is responsible for writing a detailed annual report that is sent to the Director of AgriLife Research.  Data captured in this report serve as evidence that the activity of the unit is such, that the specific requirements of the unit in state statutes are being accomplished.  The Chief will supervise an Assistant Chief Apiary Inspector and as necessary other Apiary Inspector(s) and provide continuing education for TAIS staff as appropriate.

Qualifications. The Chief will have at a minimum a B.S. degree in Entomology or a closely related field with 5+ years of experience in honey bee regulatory activities.  Preference will be given to applicants with an M.S. degree where the focus of their research was on some aspect of apiculture. The successful candidate will have experience in relevant regulatory activities and in supervising personnel.  The preferred candidate will demonstrate a working knowledge of the beekeeping industry through direct experience. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to identify and recommend appropriate action to minimize the impact of honey bee pests, parasites, and diseases. The incumbent needs basic laboratory and computer skills and fiscal management experience. Evidence of successful grantsmanship is desired. The incumbent must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, must not be allergic to bee stings, be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly, work outdoors in remote locations and in difficult conditions, and able to travel for extended periods of time.  Applicant must be eligible to operate a state vehicle.  If necessary, the Chief may be required to obtain through the Texas Department of Agriculture a certified pesticide applicator’s license paid by TAIS.

To Apply:  General inquiries about this position may be sent to:

Mr. Robert Jensen
Department of Entomology Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2475
E-mail:  r-jensen@tamu.edu

A complete position description and specific duties is available through the portal (GreatJobs) through which all applications must be received:  https://greatjobs.tamu.edu. Search and apply for NOV 10445. Follow website directions for completing an on-line application and uploading and attaching a cover letter, resume, and other supporting documentation.  The position is available immediately.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their applications ASAP. We anticipate keeping the GreatJobs portal open through mid-November, conducting interviews with an expectation that a new Chief inspector can begin by no later than 2 January 2018.  Contact Robert Jensen (above) if you experience problems.  All individuals must apply via this on-line application process. We CANNOT accept walk-ins or applications/resumes via email and/or mail. 

The Texas A&M System is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Veterans/Disability Employer committed to diversity Committed to Diversity.


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