Dr. Roger E. Gold Endowed Graduate Scholarship

Dr. Roger E. Gold was hired in the department as the first holder of the Endowed Chair in Urban and Structural Entomology Program in 1989 until he retired in 2014. Dr. Gold developed an outstanding program for students and served as a valuable resource for the pest control for industry. He was an exceptionally gifted entomologist who led the effort to construct the Rollins Urban and Structural Insect Facility.

The “Dr. Roger E. Gold Endowed Graduate Scholarship” was established by James M (Mark) Ivey ’74, Bill L. Clark ’57, Mark A. Boyd ’80 and Rollins Inc. to honor Dr. Gold’s 25 years of service and is dedicated to support full-time graduate student(s) who are in good standing who are pursuing a degree in Entomology from Texas A&M University as well as studying in areas or conducting research activities which support the Endowed Chair in Urban and Structural Entomology.


2018: Fabian List

2017: Mark Janowiecki



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