Horace and Shirley Burke Scholarship

Dr Burke’s first position in entomology at Texas A&M was as a research assistant in the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in 1954. He was then appointed to an assistant professor position in the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in 1956 and then in 1958 with Texas A&M University. Burke taught as an Entomology professor for 35 years.

Dr. Burke’s primary research interests are the systematics of weevils, particularly the subfamily that contains the boll weevil (Anthonominae). As curator from 1959-1996, Dr. Burke increased the Department’s collection to where it became recognized as one of the premier land-grant-university based entomological research collections in the United States.

The scholarship is established for students with a good standing in the Department and are majoring in Entomology or Forensic and Investigative Sciences.


2009 Paola Aranda

2008 Spring Wood

2007 Andrea Canalda
Oscar Garcia

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