Len P. Quattrochi Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is in memory of Len P. Quattrochi, owner of B&G Pest Control. Mr. Quattrochi was a dynamic force in the pest control industry and was enthusiastic about learning entomology. This scholarship is for students that have the same enthusiasm that Mr. Quattrochi had for insects and learning entomology.


2018: Franchesca Rodriguez

2017: Calli Allison

2016: Shelby Kilpatrick

2015: Shelby Kilpatrick & Katina Hicks

2014: Shelby Kilpatrick & Michael Banfield

2013: Kevin Henson

2011: Amanda Tinder

2008 Kaitlin Whitehead

2007 Amanda Ladigo

2006 Joel Keralis

2004-2005: Jonathan Cammack

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