Fall 2015 Seminar Series

Sept. 10

Richard Stouthamer, Department of Entomology, University of California Riverside

Title: “The invasive ambrosia beetle Euwallacea fornicatus: there is more to this beetle than the name suggests”

Host: Kevin Heinz

Sept. 17

Edward LeBrun,  Section of Integrative Biology, University of Texas Austin

Title: “Tawny crazy ant invasion: chemical weapons and countermeasures, species displacement, and biotic homogenization”

Hosts: Ed Vargo & Micky Eubanks

Sept. 24

No Seminar

Oct. 1

James Butler, Medical Entomologist, US Army Public Health Command Region – North

Title: “Pest Management and the Military: A Preventive Medicine Perspective”

Hosts: EGSO, Hee Kim, & Pierre Lau

Oct. 8

Yoonseong Park, Department of Entomology , Kansas State University

Title: “Neural control of tick salivary glands”

Hosts: Spence Behmer & Patricia Pietrantonio

Oct. 15

No seminar scheduled this week.

Oct. 22

Ron Nachman, USDA, ARS, College Station, TX

Title: “Development of mimetic analogs of pyrokinin-like neuropeptides to disrupt pest insect physiology/behavior”

Host: Patricia Pietrantonio

November 5

Practice ESA talks

November 12

Saravanan Thangamani, Department of Pathology, University of Texas Medical Branch

Title: “Tick-virus-host interactions during Powassan virus transmission”

Host: Gabe Hamer

Dec. 3

Shalene Jha, Integrative Biology, University of Texas Austin

Title: “Pollinator movement and population genetics across human-altered landscapes”

Hosts: Juliana Rangel & Micky Eubanks




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