Fall 2016 Seminar Series

September 8

– No Seminar

September 15

– Practice student symposium

September 22

– Heiko Vogal, Department of Entomology, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Title: “Resource defense and sexual abstinence in carrion beetles”

Host: Spence Behmer

September 29

– No Seminar (ICE 2016 meeting is Sept. 25-30).

October 6-CANCELED

– John B. Welch, USDA ARS, College Station, TX

Title: “A history of the screwworm eradication program”

Host: Pete Teel

October 13

– To Be Announced

October 20

– To Be Announced

October 27

– Tony Goldberg, Department of Pathobiological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Title: “Simian hemorrhagic fever virus and its relatives: curious pathogens, or coming plague?”

Host: Gabe Hamer

November 3

– Patricia V. Pietrantonio, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University

Title: “Targeting the bloody enemy: a kinin GPCR mediates aversive behavior and modulates sugar taste in the mosquito Aedes aegypti”

Host: David Ragsdale

November 10

– Carter Atkinson, U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center

Title: “Vector-borne parasites and conservation of pacific island forest birds”

Host: Gabe Hamer

November 17

– No Seminar (ASTMH meeting is Nov. 13-17)

December 1

– To Be Announced

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