Fall 2017 Seminar Series

Thursdays, 4:00 p.m., Heep Center, Room 103

Sept. 7

Spencer Johnson, Texas A&M University – Entomology

“How much DNA is just right?”

Host: Kevin Heinz (kmheinz@tamu.edu)

Sept. 14

Kris Giles, Oklahoma State University

“Traits of Lysiphlebus testaceipes that allow this parasitoid to survive and suppress aphid pests in the Southern Great Plains”

Host: Ada Szczepaniec (Ada.Szczepaniec@ag.tamu.edu)

Sept. 21

David Holway, University of California, San Diego

“Pollination services and environmental change”

Host: Pierre Lau (plau0168@tamu.edu)

Sept. 28

Craig Wilson, Texas A&M University – Center for Mathematics and Science Education

“The USDA Future Scientists Program: Engaging students in scientific inquiry through use of insects – Corn earworm and Monarch Butterfly”

Host: Kevin Heinz (KMheinz@tamu.edu)

Oct. 5

Mike Merchant, Department of Entomology and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

“The challenges and rewards of extension urban entomology”

Host: Robert Puckett (r-puck@tamu.edu)

Oct 12

Susan Paskewitz, University of Wisconsin

“Epidemiology, ecology, and management of tick-borne disease in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest”

Host: David Ragsdale (dragsdale@tamu.edu)

Oct. 19

Sarah Sander Lower, Cornell University

“The language of love: What firefly genetics can tell us about the evolution of bioluminescence and animal signals”

Host: Chloë Hawkings (chloe.hawks@tamu.edu)

Oct. 26

Jesus F. Esquivel, USDA, ARS, SPARC, College Station

“Heteropteran feeding mechanics and pathogen transmission in cotton”

Host: Mike Brewer (mjbrewer@ag.tamu.edu)

Nov. 2

John B. Welch, Entomologist, USDA, APHIS, IS Action Programs, USDA, ARS, SPARC, College Station

“2016 – 2017 Screwworm Outbreak in Florida”

Host: Gabe Hamer (ghamer@tamu.edu)

Nov. 9

No Seminar – ESA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO

Nov. 16

Dr. Xuguo “Joe” Zhou, University of Kentucky

“From ‘Scared to Death’ to ‘Peace of Mind’ – Social Buffering in Termites”

Host: Ed Vargo (ed.vargo@tamu.edu)

Nov. 23

No Seminar – Thanksgiving

Nov. 30

Mark Hoddle, University of California, Riverside

“The Palm Weevil Invasion Crisis”

Host: Kevin Heinz (kmheinz@tamu.edu)

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