spring 2013 Seminar Series

Thursdays, 4:00 p.m., Heep Center, Room 103
Pre-seminar refreshments at 3:30 p.m., 4th floor atrium, Minnie Belle Heep Center

Jan. 17
No seminar on this date.

Jan. 24

No seminar on this date.

Jan 31
Luis Hurtado, Department of Wildlife Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University
Title: “Seven-pair legged sea “cockroaches” and their cousins don’t disperse, but are in every beach: their
intriguing evolutionary histories”
Hosted by: Aaron Tarone

Feb 7
Charles Allen, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University
Title: ”IPM in the Transgenic Era”
Hosted by: David Ragsdale

Feb 14
Rebecca Clark, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University
Title: “Nutrition in insects: A tale of two paradigms”
Hosted by: Spencer Behmer

Feb 21

Graduate Student Recognition Seminar and Graduate Student Awards
Speakers: Luciano Cosme, Loriann Garcia, Benjamin Diehl
Hosted by: David Ragsdale

Feb 28
Mike Allen, University of North Texas, Health Science Center
Title: “Advances in Microbial Ecology and Emerging Applications”
Hosted by: Pete Teel & Jeff Tomberlin

Mar 7
Nilsa Bosque-Perez, Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences, University of Idaho
Title: “Virus-induced changes in host plants influence insect vectors”
Hosted by: Raul Medina

Mar 14
Spring Break

Mar 21
Jon Harrison, School of Life Sciences; Organismal, Integrative, & Systems Biology, Arizona State University
Title: “Oxygen transport and tissue trade-offs:
key to understanding the regulation and evolution of insect size?”
Hosted by: Spencer Behmer

Mar 28
Reading Day Friday 3/29

Apr 4
Bart Drees, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University
Title: “Battles lost and won in the war on imported fire ants”
Hosted by: Aaron Tarone

Apr 11
Michelle Cilia, USDA ARS Ithaca
Title: “Exploring the dynamic interplay between viruses, hosts, and
insect vectors: a proteomics perspective”
Hosted by: Cecilia Tamborindeguy

Apr 18
Michelle Arbeitman, College of Medicine, Florida State University
Title: “Genes to Behavior: Genomic Studies of Drosophila Behaviors”
Hosted by: Aaron Tarone

Apr 25
Neil Tsutsui, Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, University of California, Berkeley
Title: “Integrating Chemical Ecology and Genetics to Illuminate the Behavior of an Invasive Social Insect”
Hosted by: Micky Eubanks

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