Spring 2016 Seminar Series

January 28

Jessica E. Light, Associate Professor and Curator of Mammals

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections, Texas A&M University

Are Lice Really That Lousy? Using Lice as Indicators of Host Evolutionary History

Hosted by: Dr. Greg Sword

February 4

Dr. Tom Walsh, Chemical Response Genomics, CSIRO Land & Water Flagship – Australia

Title: “The Old World Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera: Resistance Management, Resistance Mechanisms, Population Genetics and Genomics”

Hosted by: Greg Sword

February 11

No seminar

February 18

**Graduate Student Recognition & Award Seminar**

Chong Chin Heo

Title: “Ecosystem resilience of carrion experiencing delayed Diptera colonization”

Xanthe Shirley

Title: “Phylogenetic relationships among species in Aphelinus (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)”

Wei “Ivy” Chen

Title: “New Aspects of Sterols in Plant-Insect Interactions”

February 25

Jennifer White, Department of Entomology, University of Kentucky

Title: ”Trophic Interactions of Aphids as Mediated by Bacterial Symbionts” Hosted by: Spencer Behmer

March 3

Jonathan Cammack, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University

Title: ” Decomposition Ecology: Beyond Bugs and Bodies “

Co-hosted by: Jeff Tomberlin

March 10

Michel Slotman, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University

Title: “The Genetics of Human Host Seeking in Mosquitoes”

Hosted by: Michel Slotman

March 17

No Seminar – Spring Break

March 24

Jon N. Seal, Department of Biology, University of Texas at Tyler

Title: “Specificity and Homeostasis in an Obligate Symbiosis: An Experimental Approach” Hosted by:

Hosted by: Ed Vargo

March 31

Ted Wilson, Jack B. Wendt Endowed Chair in Rice Research, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at Beaumont

Title: ” Unravelling the Complexities of Managing Crambid Stem Borers in a Landscape of Cultivated and Weedy Hosts “

Hosted by: David Ragsdale 

April 7

**Graduate Student Invited Speaker**

Jeffrey Feder, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

Title: “The Genomics of Population Divergence: Across the Speciation Boundary in Rhagoletis Fruit Flies” Hosted by: Carl Hjelmen/Graduate Students

April 14

Deborah Finke, Division of Plant Sciences, University of Missouri

Title: “Beyond Consumption: The Unexpected Benefits of Natural Enemies in Agroecosystems”

Hosted by: Raul Medina

April 21

Steven E. Naranjo, USDA-ARS, Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center

Title: “The Transformational Role of Biological Control in Cotton”

Hosted by: Greg Sword

April 28

Warren Booth, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Tulsa

Title: “Comparative Spatiotemporal Genetic Structuring in Cimicid Insects”

Hosted by: Ed Vargo 


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