Flatheaded Borer

flat-headed wood borer (metallic wood borer)flat-headed wood borer (metallic wood borer)Flatheaded Borer

Scientific name: many species
(Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

Facts: Flatheaded borers are larvae of metallic wood borers. They range in length from 1/10 to over 1 1/4 inches. Many adults, especially the larger species, can be found on freshly cut wood. The smaller species, in the genera Agrilus and Acmaeodera, can be collected on leaves in the sunlight, or on flowers, They are especially active in the spring.

Larvae are called flat-headed borers because the thorax is flattened and the head retracted. They tunnel just below the bark of dead or dying wood. The smaller species are more common in small twigs and some are root borers. The smallest species are leaf miners in oaks, certain legumes and other plants.

The species pictured is Chalcophora virginiensis (Drury) is one of our largest species and it feeds on pine as larvae. They can be collected in hot weather in the summer on pine logs.

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