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AgriLife Research team makes strides in fight against Zika

by Steve Byrns, Texas A&M AgriLife Communications COLLEGE STATION – There’s a war raging on a tiny battlefield and the outcome could well touch millions of people worldwide threatened by Zika and related viruses. The key ally unlocking the mystery surrounding this conflict is the long-dreaded yellow fever virus. Dr. Kevin Myles, Glady “Hazitha” Samuel and Dr. Zach Adelman are Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists at Texas A&M University, College Station, who published “Yellow fever virus capsid protein is a potent suppressor of RNA silencing that binds double-stranded… Read More →

New discovery may improve future mosquito control

AgriLife Research scientist’s paper outlines a new mechanism of sugar feeding aversion By: Steve Byrns, Texas A&M AgriLife Communications COLLEGE STATION – Major rainfall across most of Texas triggering hordes of mosquitoes coupled with seemingly constant mosquito-related Zika virus media reports from around the globe may have set the stage perfectly for what one researcher deems as a very significant discovery in man’s war against earth’s leading human disease carrier. Dr. David Ragsdale, head of the entomology department at Texas A&M University, College Station, credits Dr. Patricia Pietrantonio,… Read More →

AgriLife Extension experts inform Texans on protecting from Zika, other mosquito-borne diseases

By: Paul Schattenberg and Steve Byrns, Texas A&M AgriLife Communications SAN ANTONIO – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologists are informing Texans on how to protect themselves from the mosquito vectors that spread Zika and other diseases. “The ongoing outbreak of the Zika virus has spread throughout most of South America, Central America and the Caribbean,” said Sonja Swiger, AgriLife Extension entomologist, Stephenville. “The effects this virus will have on the United States are not entirely known, but experts are concerned about the possibilities.” According to health officials,… Read More →

AIBS to Convene Expert Panel Webinar on Science of Zika, Potential for Genetic Control

Washington, DC – The Zika virus is the most recent example of a virus spreading rapidly around the world with the assistance of an animal vector – in this case the mosquito Aedes. On March 15, 2016, the American Institute of Biological Sciences will convene a meeting of scientific experts to discuss the epidemiology of Zika, the potential for genetic control of the mosquito species that transmit it, and the ethical issues associated with the use of this new biotechnology. This webinar program is free and open to… Read More →

Entomologists Discover New Way For Humans to Avoid Being Bitten By Mosquitoes

Summer is usually a time for get-togethers, barbecues, and spending time outdoors. It also means a time where mosquitoes are the most active. A group of scientists, led by Dr. Jeff Tomberlin, is looking at a possible way of making humans unattractive to these biting insects by outsmarting mosquitoes simply by using the chemical communications systems bacteria on the skin. Tomberlin, along with Drs. Craig Coates, Tawni Crippen from USDA and Tom Wood from Pennsylvania State University, and former TAMU graduate student researcher Ms. Xinyang Zhang have discovered… Read More →

Mosquito Task Force Releases Manual for Mosquito Control and Management

STEPHENVILLE, Texas – A collaboration between several Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agents, mosquito control experts and environmental experts has come together to help Texans control mosquitoes just in time for the mosquito season to begin this year. The final product –called Texas Mosquito Management–is a manual that contains everything that Texas city and county health departments need to know about managing mosquitos and mosquito borne diseases. Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist Sonja Swiger said demand for the manual was created as Texas county and city governments searched to… Read More →