Principal Investigator

Dr. Zach Adelman in front of Heep CenterDr. Zach N. Adelman
TAMU AgriLife Research Fellow
TAMU Presidential Impact Fellow

Dr. Adelman’s research program focuses on the development of novel gene editing/gene replacement approaches for disease vector mosquitoes as well as robust safeguards for their potential use. Dr. Adelman received his B.A. in Biochemistry from Ithaca College and Ph.D. in Microbiology from Colorado State University; he joined the faculty at Virginia Tech in 2005, and moved to Texas A&M University in 2016. In addition to his work in the Department of Entomology, Dr. Adelman is an active participant in the TAMU Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics and is a Fellow in the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy in the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Research Scientists/Post-doctoral researchers

Keun Chae sitting in front of equipment in Dr. Zach Adelman's lab



Dr. Keun Chae



Hitoshi Tsujimoto in front of a microscope looking at the camera



Dr. Hitoshi Tsujimoto



Dr. Bianca Kojin with a pipette in the lab



Dr. Bianca Kojin



Dr. Daniel Whitefield


Dr. Daniel Whitefield




Dr. Raja Babu Kushwah


Dr. Raja Kushwah




Musa Isah


Dr. Musa Isah




Dr. Vinaya Shetty

Dr. Vinaya Shetty




Graduate Students

Micaela Finney in the lab



Micaela Finney



Alexius Dingle with a pipette



Alexius Dingle



Joseph Romanowski in front of his computer in Dr. Adelman's lab



Joe Romanowski


Sydney Velasquez working in the lab



Sydney Velasquez



Collin Valentin in the lab



Collin Valentin



Bryan Contreras standing at an incubator



Bryan Contreras



Xiangyu Shi


Xiangyu Shi

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