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Texas A&M researchers experimenting with gene-deleting technology in mosquitoes

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Up To Date | Mosquitoes, robots, pupils, beavers, and Earth’s crust

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Scientists find gene that turns female mosquitoes into male

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Changing Mosquito Gender

Editing the Mosquito Genome

Press Releases

These articles focus directly on contributions from the Adelman lab, and are prepared by University communications officers.

Researchers find gene to convert female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to non-biting males with implications for mosquito control, Department of Entomology website, July 2020

Featured Articles

These articles focus directly on contributions from the Adelman lab and are authored by journalists.

Edit, undo: Temporary gene editing could help solve the mosquito problem, Digital Trends, December 2020

Texas A&M scientists solve the mystery of how mosquitoes become virulent virus hosts, Houston Chronicle, November 2016

Genetic sex change for mosquitoes could stop the spread of Zika, The Guardian, February 2016

Map of Bed Bug Genome Explains Ick Factor and Some Mysteries, Newsweek, February 2016

Gene turns female mosquitoes into males, Science Magazine, May 2015

CRISPR to Descend on Mosquito Genome, Raise Transgenic Swarms, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Contributed expertise

These articles focus either on broad areas of biotechnology or the specific contributions of other scientists, and feature Dr. Adelman’s opinion/perspective.

The Gene Drive Dilemma: We Can Alter Entire Species, but Should We?, New York Times Magazine, January 2020

Gene Drives (media briefing), SciLine_AAAS, April 2018

Gene tech offers fresh lines of attack against malaria, Financial Times, April 2018

Gene Drives Steer toward Road Tests, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News September 2017

Mosquitoes Are Deadly, So Why Not Kill Them All?, Wall Street Journal, September 2016

Brazil will release billions of lab-grown mosquitoes to combat infectious disease. Will it work?, Science, October 2016

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