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Welcome to the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University!

We currently are one of the top entomology departments in the United States. We offer three Entomology degrees (B.S, M.S. and Ph.D.) and a Bachelors of Science degree in Forensic and Investigative Sciences (FIVS) that is nationally accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Recent Publications

  1. Tiénébo, EO, Harrison, K, Abo, K, Brou, YC, Pierson, LS 3rd, Tamborindeguy, C et al.. Mycorrhization Mitigates Disease Caused by "Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum" in Tomato. Plants (Basel). 2019;8 (11):. doi: 10.3390/plants8110507. PubMed PMID:31731657 .
  2. Richardson, S, Trimm, T, Paredes, R, Koehl, J, Song, H. A new species of king cricket Glaphyrosoma Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1888 (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae: Glaphyrosomatini) from Costa Rica with behavioral observations. Zootaxa. 2019;4671 (1):zootaxa.4671.1.7. doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4671.1.7. PubMed PMID:31716596 .
  3. Hodo, CL, Forgacs, D, Auckland, LD, Bass, K, Lindsay, C, Bingaman, M et al.. Presence of diverse Rickettsia spp. and absence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in ticks in an East Texas forest with reduced tick density associated with controlled burns. Ticks Tick Borne Dis. 2019; :101310. doi: 10.1016/j.ttbdis.2019.101310. PubMed PMID:31704208 .
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