About The Department

Welcome to the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas!

The Department of Entomology offers outstanding academic programs for undergraduate and graduate student preparation for careers in research, extension, business, or industry.  We offer three Entomology degrees (B.S, M.S. and Ph.D.) and a new BS degree was approved by the Board of Regents in 2007 for Forensic and Investigative Sciences (FIVS).  Enrollment (Fall 2013) in all degree programs was 310 students, 248 in two undergraduate programs (77 in ENTO; 171 in FIVS) and 62 graduate students (17 MS, 45 PhD).  Another 44 students are currently taking the ENTO degree as a double major and we have 24 students enrolled in our Public Health Entomology Certificate program and 11 students are seeking a minor in Entomology.  The Department is one of the top degree-granting entomology departments in the United States.  We have outstanding students, staff and faculty, excellent facilities, and exceptionally diverse programs that impact positively the lives of people throughout Texas, the region and the world.

The Department of Entomology currently has 25 faculty located in College Station who are the classroom teachers for the degree programs.  In addition to these campus-based teaching/research faculty there are 11 AgriLife Extension faculty and 7 AgriLife Research faculty who are located at one of the 15 Research and Extension Centers giving us a total of 43 faculty.  We also have 20 IPM Agents and Extension Program Specialists who are the “boots on the ground” and work directly with growers and urban clientele to solve problems with insects.  This cadre of 63 professional entomologists is a powerful force that can be tapped to educate our students and the public about insects.

Recent department-wide accomplishments are numerous, but a few are highlighted here.  I invite you to explore this website for more in-depth information about the students, staff and faculty and the research projects in which they are engaged.  We are just completing fund raising for the $4M building project for the Rollins Center for Urban and Structural Entomology facility.  Construction will begin in late 2013 and by late 2014 we should be occupying this new 10,000 square foot facility.  The cultural background of the faculty now represents every continent on the globe which has led to a global expansion of teaching, research, and extension programs.  We have study abroad programs operating in 3 countries and all of our undergraduates complete a research experience or an internship prior to graduation to gain understanding through these high impact learning experiences.

The 25 tenure/tenure track faculty in College Station publish over 200 scholarly articles each year (224 in 2007 to 218 in 2012).  Peer reviewed journal articles have increased from an average of 3.5 peer reviewed publications per faculty member in 2007 to 4.1 publications per year (ave. of 2010-2012) an increase of 19%.  The average journal impact factor of all peer-reviewed journal articles published in 2012 was 2.949.  This is a significant increase since 2007 when the impact factor of all publications that year was a modest 1.20.

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