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Spencer Behmer

Behmer, Spencer
Spencer Behmer
HEEP 509
Undergraduate Education
B.S. (Biology), University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Graduate Education
Ph.D. (Entomology), The University of Arizona
M.S. (Biology/Ecology), University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Courses Taught
ENTO 306 - Insect Physiology
ENTO 201 - General Entomology

Selected Publications (since 2006)

Clark, R.M., McConnell, A., Zera, A.J., and Behmer, S.T. (2013) Nutrient regulation strategies differ between cricket morphs that trade-off dispersal and reproduction. Functional Ecology 27: 1126-1133.

Jing, X., Grebenok, R.J., Behmer, S.T. (2013) Sterol/steroid metabolism and absorption in a generalist and specialist caterpillar: Effects of dietary sterol/steroid structure, mixture and ratio. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 43: 580-587.

Joern, A., Provin, T., and Behmer, S.T. (2012) Not just the usual suspects: Insect herbivore populations and communities are associated with multiple plant nutrients. Ecology 93: 1002-1015.

Behmer, S.T. and Joern, A. (2012) Insect herbivore outbreaks viewed through a physiological framework: Insights from Orthoptera. In: Insect Outbreaks Revisited (Ed. P. Barbosa, D.K. Letourneau, and A.A. Agrawal), pp. 3-29. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK.

Jing, X., Vogel, H., Grebenok, R.J., Zhu-Salzman, and Behmer, S.T. (2012) Dietary sterols/steroids and the generalist caterpillar Helicoverpa zea: Physiology, biochemistry and midgut
gene expression. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 42: 835-845.

Cook, S.C., Eubanks, M.D., Gold, R.E., and Behmer, S.T. (2011) Seasonality directs contrasting food collection behavior and nutrient regulation strategies of an insect colony. PLoS ONE 6: e25407.

Behmer, S.T., Grebenok, R.J., and Douglas, A.E. (2011) Plant sterols and host plant suitability for a phloem-feeding insect. Functional Ecology 25: 484-491.

Cook, S.C., Eubanks, M.D., Gold, R.E., and Behmer, S.T. (2010) Colony-level nutrient
 regulation in ants: mechanisms, hoarding and associated costs. Animal Behaviour 79: 429-437.

Behmer, S.T. (2009) Insect herbivore nutrient regulation. Annual Review of Entomology 54: 165-87.

Janson, E.M., Grebenok, R.J., Behmer, S.T., and Abbot, P. (2009) Same host-plant, different
 sterols: variation in sterol metabolism in an insect herbivore community. Journal of Chemical Ecology 35: 1309-1319.

Behmer, S.T. and Joern, A. (2008) Coexisting generalist herbivores occupy unique nutritional niches. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 105: 1977-1982.

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