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Jeff Tomberlin

Tomberlin, Jeff
Jeff Tomberlin
Professor, AgriLife Research Fellow, & Presidential Impact Fellow
Building 1051, Room 102
(979) 845-9718
Undergraduate Education
B.S. Biological Sciences The University of Georgia 1993
Graduate Education
Ph.D. Entomology The University of Georgia 2001
M.S. Entomology Clemson University 1996


My areas of interest and expertise are the ecology and biology of flies associated with decomposing matter. Primarily, my research falls into two categories, 1) determine proper methods for suppressing fly populations associated with animal waste on confined animal facilities, 2) understanding the biology of insects that colonize human remains in order to assist law enforcement personnel in estimating the time of colonization of a corpse in order to provide a minimum postmortem interval.


FIVS 205, Introduction to Forensic and Investigative Sciences, Texas A&M University, fall semesters.

FIVS 415, Practice & Principles of Science & Law, Texas A&M University, spring semesters.

FIVS 481, Seminar, Texas A&M University, spring semesters.

Forensic Entomology, AGRI4903/5903-CJ4853/5153. Tarleton State University. 2004.

Anatomy & Physiology, Biol2011 and Biol2011L. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. 2002.

Introduction to Biology, Biol2107 and Biol2107L, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. 2000.

Forensic Entomology, Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. 2000- 2002.

Forensic Sciences, Continuing Education Program, University of Georgia. 2000.


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